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Xiaomi Mi Ultrasonic Preview

9 July 2017

The new sonic toothbrush from the Xiaomi Mi brand, Ultrasonic, will make its debut on the Chinese market soon. Known mostly as a smartphone manufacturer, the company has decided to meet the customer’s expectations and offer (another already) a product combining the newest brushing technology with accessible, as expected from Xiaomi, price. Is the product worth our interest despite of a pretty strong competition on the market?


Xiaomi Mi Ultrasonic is a toothbrush designed in a relatively simple style. A sleek handle doesn’t have any additional elements aside of the power button. The neutral white color will definitely make it fit most of the bathrooms. The head of the toothbrush appears to be pretty long and narrow, which will, most likely, make brushing our teeth easier.


The toothbrush is supposed to be able to reach 31.000 movements per minute, which is a standard speed for sonic toothbrushes. The handle appears to be extremely waterproof (IPX7), which will make using it possible in all conditions. The brushing head chosen by the manufacturer has been outfitted with high quality bristles – DuPont StaClean. A built-in 700 mAh battery ensures the toothbrush being able to work for 18 days, if it’s used twice a day, 2 minutes per use.

The set will also contain a small docking station. In order to meet the customer’s expectations, Xiaomi is also offering us the option to charge the device using a powerbank, which makes it a great choice for those who travel often.

Innovative app

Xiaomi, being a smartphone manucturer, didn’t give up on creating a special app which allows us to use the device. Thanks to the said app, we can set alternate cleaning modes, adjusted to our personal preferences.

When? For how much?

Xiaomi Mi Ultrasonic is scheduled to come out in China on July 18. It’s supposed to cost 199 yuans (somewhere around 23 pounds), at this point we don’t know the date of the Western release.

Other devices from the Xiaomi brand

The Xiaomi company is already known on the toothbrush market thanks to its earlier model of a sonic toothbrush, which, thanks to its low price and great performance, quickly became a hit amongst users. We’re talking about Xiaomi Soocare X3 Electric Toothbrush. The device costs somewhere around 14 – 22 pounds and is characterized by similar parameters, except of its battery, which is supposed to work even for 25 days. It’s also controlled by using the app. It offers four cleaning modes (basic, gentle, gum massaging and precise cleaning).

From the data shown above, we can already notice that Xiaomi’s newest device is definitely worth checking out. Very accessible, for a sonic toothbrush, price and solid parameters are definitely encouraging to trying it out.