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WhiteWash Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

WhiteWash Nano Intensive Whitening Strips are currently the best way to restore our teeth to their natural color. This product is a brand new addition to the market, being based around an innovative technology, with its effects lasting quite long. The strips are available without any prescriptions, allowing us to whiten our teeth at home, without having to visit our dentist or spend a lot of money. Inside of the packaging we can find 28 strips, which is enough for 14 treatments (14 strips for the lower and upper jaw each). One whitening procedure takes only 20 minutes and allows us to whiten our teeth by 8 tones, even. It’s worth mentioning that the product is completely safe to our enamel and gums, while also removing different types of discolorations and being very effective.



WhiteWash Nano Intensive Whitening Strips ensures instant whitening effect, while actively removing discolorations caused by too much smoking, coffee, tea or wine. The product is delicate to the enamel and sensitive teeth. The strips don’t contain the hydrogen peroxide, which is a common cause of tooth sensitivity. The treatment can be carried out for 14 days, which will make the end result even more visible, or we can use the strips once in a while, only when we will feel that using them is necessary. The strips are contained within special sachets, which makes the application comfortable and hygienical.


Whitening our teeth using the WhiteWash strips is very easy. First we pull the strips out of their packaging, then apply the thicker one to our upper teeth. The smaller strip is made for the lower teeth. Next, we push them against our teeth, while paying attention to our interdental surfaces as well. The correctly applied strips need to remain on our teeth for 20 minutes. Afterwards, we take them off and wash our mouth out just like after the regular brushing.


If carried out correctly, the treatment’s results will become visible after only 3 days. Using the strips afterwards will significantly improve the effects and make them last longer. The whole procedure is painless, with the strips being completely safe. Keep in mind that during the treatment, we should avoid the coloring products such as coffee, tea or wine for some time.


The set contains 28 strips which allow for 14 uses:

  • 14 strips for the upper arch
  • 14 strips for lower arch




WhiteWash Nano Intensive Whitening Strips is the best set made for whitening our teeth at home. This product is legit, safe and, what’s most important, ensures the perfect combination of the final result and comfort for a very competitive price.