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White Pearl Whitening System

It’s a 10-day whitening treatment. By using this product twice a day, 10 minutes per use, our teeth will become visibly whiter. The whitening power reaches even 5 tooth shades. All of that thanks to the three-phase formula, based around the effects of the gels included with the set. Each gel has different properties: initializing, activating and whitening.


The effects of the White Pearl product consist of not only the active whitening of the teeth, but enhancing and protecting them as well. This product allows for a strong whitening in a simple, fast way, but in order to strengthen our teeth and make the white color last longer, we need to continue the treatment for another 5-10 days. This will allow us to avoid the necessity to repeat the treatment after some time, as the achieved result will be present for the entire year. The impatient users can make the treatment go by faster and use the product 3 times a day. We should remember to monitor the shade of our teeth though – it’s easy to go overboard a little and achieve a tone that is simply too bright.


The set consists of thermoplastic overlays, an applicator and whitening gels, the initializing and activating being available in 65 ml tube, while the whitening one is available in a small 8 ml tube.

The gels consist of: water, polyacrylic acid, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, methyl ester of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, menthol, 10% of carbamide peroxide and sodium fluoride.

These ingredients have strong whitening properties, while also strengthening the enamel and protecting it from cavities.


Using the White Pearl allows us to brighten our enamel, as long as our discolorations are mild at most. Near the end of the treatment, we can already notice the visible, pleasing effects of it. The product is available for a relatively low price – the set costs somewhere around 15 pounds. Compared to the other whitening products, it’s a fairly optimal and low cost.