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Which toothpaste is the best?

pasta do zębówThere are many types of toothpastes. As the ways of brushing our teeth are changing, so are the properties of these products. The most important thing is finding the perfect toothpaste, fitting the type of our teeth and doing more than just cleaning. The electric toothbrush and toothpaste should be able to work together.

The types of toothpaste

A growing interest in dental problems and characterizing many needs of the patients helped develop this branch of dentistry. Choosing the right toothpaste is extremely important, which is why knowing what kind of toothpastes exist is so important. The most important ones are:

  • universal toothpastes, aka the ones we see every day, they are made mostly for removing bacteria.
  • whitening toothpastes, which will help us brighten the discolored enamel and make the whitening effect last longer.
  • enhancing toothpaste is a product which relieves inflammations, helps us deal with the bleeding gums and prevents the development of bacteria.
  • children’s toothpastes. Most importantly, they don’t contain fluoride. They are also more delicate and often flavoured, which helps encourage children to brushing their teeth every day.

najlepsza pasta do zębówThe specialized dental toothpastes made for people with severe symptoms and helping with undergoing treatments are also available. We can also find more and more toothpastes made specially for the electric toothbrushes available on the market.

Choosing the right toothpaste for our toothbrush

Before choosing the toothpaste we should find ourselves a perfect toothbrush before anything else. If it’s a manual one, then choosing the toothpaste will be easy, being one of the types mentioned above. However, if the toothbrush we’re using is the electric one, we shouldn’t forget that it can only be used with special toothpastes made for this kind of toothbrushes only. These toothpastes produce less foam than the classic ones. It’s caused by the cleaning properties already installed in our toothbrush. The texture of such toothpaste is thicker as well. The reason for that is that the head of the electric toothbrush is smaller and the toothpaste with a regular texture would leak off the bristles. This kind of toothpaste isn’t that much more expensive than the regular one, but if we really want to, we can stick to the latter, as it won’t have any noticeable impact on the device’s performance. The electric toothbrush is fully prepared for working with both toothpaste types.

What toothpaste can be used with the electric toothbrush?

If you’ll decide for purchasing the electric, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush, you need to know that investing once in the handle isn’t everything. Such devices require a proper maintenance – regular head tip replacement along with the AA batteries if they use them and being stored correctly. Buying the correct toothpaste is also important. What should it be characterized by?

Why choosing the right toothpaste is so important?

The manual toothbrush makes no more than 300 movements per minute. The toothpaste we choose for it is important, but it’s going to be harder to damage our teeth, even if we’ll choose the one which doesn’t fit our teeth. The electric toothbrushes on the other hand make between 8000 and 96.000 movements per minute, which allows them to be far more precise at cleaning. Additionally, the sonic toothbrushes send out soundwaves which allow the active ingredients to reach the places the regular bristle can’t reach, removing the food remains and dental plaque. This will also enhance the effects of the toothpaste we’ve chosen.

What kind of traits should the toothpaste for an electric toothbrush have?

There are three basic traits the perfect toothpaste for the electric, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush should have. These are:


  1. thick or gelatinous texture – the toothpaste on the electric toothbrush has a tendency to splattering everywhere. In order to avoid cleaning the bathroom every day, we must buy a more dense product.
  2. a few foaming ingredients – thanks to the sheer speed of movements made by the electric toothbrushes, the toothpaste will start to produce foam at a much higher rate than usual. That’s why we should remember to use the product which doesn’t have too many substances which might produce more foam than needed.
  3. a low RDA volume (abrasiveness). It should remain between 30 and 70, as the higher volumes might lead to irritated gums and damaged enamel. This might also cause sensitivity, cavities and recurring inflammations.


Depending on the toothpaste we’ve chosen, using the electric toothbrush will enhance its effects. The whitening one will get stronger, while remineralising will enter the enamel better. We should keep that in mind while choosing the toothpaste perfect for our toothbrush.

The best choice

So which toothpaste should we choose? The basic factor dictating the choice are the needs we have regarding the toothpaste. If the said needs are tied to our health, we should consult our dentist first, as he will certainly help us make the right choice. However, if it’s just a private concept, then it’s entirely up to us. Buying a more expensive toothpaste pays off at times, as we will surely notice a significant difference while using it.