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Which toothbrush is the best for your child?

9 August 2017

Taking care of our oral hygiene every day is a basic action we need to perform in order to enjoy having healthy, white teeth as long as possible. That’s why the habit of brushing our teeth at least twice a day needs to be introduced since the youngest ages. Failing to instill the basic hygenic habits into our child’s head might result in them being discouraged from brushing their teeth, which can then lead to cavities and other periodontal diseases. What should we do to convinve our children to brush their teeth regularly? An accordingly chosen electric toothbrush might help.

Why electric toothbrush for a child?

There are multiple reasons why the electric toothbrush is recommended for a child:

  • kids have restricted motor functions and it makes it hard for them to brush their teeth properly, especially the ones in the back of their mouths. Because the heads of electric toothbrushes move on their own, they will be much better at removing the dental plaque than their manual counterparts,
  • the tips of the electric devices are relatively small and round in shape, which makes it easier for the child to manouver the toothbrush within their mouth cavity. Their bristles are also very soft, preventing the child from hurting their gums while brushing,
  • the electric toothbrushes have built-in timers which are counting down the time (2 minutes) required to properly clean our oral cavity. This increases the chances of our child actually cleaning their teeth in the meantime. Various tunes uploaded into the device are very helpful in that regard as well,
  • some of the electric toothbrushes contain interesting extras, such as hourglasses or flickering lights,
  • some models can be operated via phone app, which also makes it more interesting for a child,
  • the size of children’s electric toothbrush is adjusted to the specific age group. Not only that, but the toothbrushes made for the youngest users are decorated with cartoon characters, making them even more fun to our children.

Which toothbrush for a child to choose?

On the market we can find two types of children’s electric toothbrushes:

  • powered by AA batteries – we don’t need to worry about putting the device into its docking station all the time. We should remember that these toothbrushes are less waterproof though.
  • powered by a built-in battery – capable of functioning for a few days without the need to recharge.

The examples of children’s electric toothbrushes include Philips Sonicare for Kids, Oral-B Kids Power or Oral-B Stages Power.

We can also buy a mini variant of a tip made for a regular toothbrush for adults we use ourselves. However, because of the size of the device, it’s more recommended for the older children.

The option you’ll choose in the end is solely dependant on your own capabilities and will. You should remember though, that after buying an electric toothbrush for your child, you will only need to buy replaceable tips afterwards. Remember to buy them at the verified stores though – bootleg brushing heads can damage the enamel and irritate the gums of your child.

Don’t forget the toothpaste!

In order for tooth cleaning to become more effective, you should choose the right toothpaste as well. Pick the one most suitable for children, with a small amount of fluoride and interesting taste, in order to encourage your child to brush their teeth often.