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Which Oral-B heads are the best?

27 May 2017

Each of Oral-B’s replaceable heads for the electric toothbrushes is different from one another in terms of structure, cleaning modes and additional functions. This makes it hard to say which head is the best out of them all. Amongst the most frequently chosen models we can find Precision Clean and CrossAction, which are both perfect for the regular, daily brushing. Everything depends on our individual needs and preferences during brushing though. In order to simplify the choice and adjusting the head to our needs, we have prepared a juxtaposition along with detailed descriptions of all head types offered by the Oral-B company. Each of these heads is compatible with all toothbrushes from Pro and Trizone series. The models described below are compatible with the following toothbrush models:  Oral-B Pro 600, 650, 670, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 4500, 5000, 6000, 6500, Trizone 600, 650, 670, 2000, 4000 and 6000.

Oral-B Precision Clean

The most common head, made for classic brushing. It allows us to remove over 5 times more of the dental plaque than the manual toothbrush.

This brush head cleans every tooth with utmost precision, leaving the feeling of refreshment long after the brushing has ended. The Oral-B Precision Clean tip is avaible in the packages containing 1, 2, 4 or 10 heads.

Oral-B Sensitive Clean

The model recommended for people with exposed tooth necks and various types of sensitivities. The head is delicate towards the teeth and gums, with gentle brushing being capable of carefully cleaning all sensitive spaces and reduce inflammations. The Oral-B Sensitive Clean head is avaible in packages containing 2 and 4 heads.

Oral-B CrossAction

One of the most popular heads, perfect for standard, daily brushing. The product is distinguished by its innovative bristles placed at a 16 degree angle. The hi-tech technology allows for careful cleaning along the gum line and removing bacteria from interdental surfaces. The Oral-B CrossAction head is avaible in packages containing 2, 4 or 5 heads.

Oral-B MicroPulse (FlossAction)

The head made for deep cleaning of interdental surfaces and places hardest to reach. The Oral-B MicroPulse (FlossAction) head has multiple loose fibers, which makes it work similarly to a car wash.

Oral-B 3D White/ProWhite

The head made for whitening and polishing the user’s teeth. The tip allows us to remove the dental plaque, stains and discolorations caused by consuming too much coffee, tea and wine or smoking too many cigarettes. The first effects become visible after only 2 weeks of using this head. Aside of its bristles, Oral-B 3D White/ProWhite is also outfitted with special rubber made for polishing our teeth.

Oral-B Interspace IP17

The tip designed for cleaning bridges, crowns, dental braces, implants and places hardest to reach. The specialized structure of the bristles allows Oral-B Interspace to clean and refresh our teeth with utmost precision.

Oral-B Stages Power

The head made with children in mind. Oral-B Stages Power has soft bristles, perfectly delicate towards the first teeth and gums of children.

Oral-B Ortho Care Essentials

The heads made for people who are currently undergoing orthodontic treatments. The tip has an empty space in the middle of the bristles. This allows us to carefully clean the surfaces around the archwires and prevents the head from wearing out too fast, as it’s not touching the braces that way.