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Which electric toothbrush is the best?

szczoteczka elektrycznaChoosing an electric toothbrush perfect for us is hard. Especially when we don’t know too much about them. Most importantly, we should focus on our individual needs – what exactly are we expecting from such toothbrush, how and when do we want to use it and how much money can we spend on it. Making the right choice is easier when we know our own expectations. But if we still have some doubts, we can always talk to the shopkeeper of the renowned store selling such devices.

Shape, speed and movements

It’s worth focusing on what kind of model do we actually need, does it need to whiten our teeth, carefully brush them or be suitable for delicate and sensitive gums? Each shape of the head tip has a different function. The electric toothbrush is also different in terms of the kinds of movements it makes and its rotation speed. The average manual tooth brushing boils down to nearly 600 movements per minute, while the electric toothbrush makes around 8000 movements. The way the head moves is also worth paying attention to. Is it a regular circular movement or rotating-oscillating one (the so-called 3D movement)?

Family tooth brushing

An important aspect to consider is making a purchase for the whole family. The electric toothbrush be bought along with the whole set (we can also adjust the family kit). In this case, we buy one toothbrush with multiple heads. These should differ from one another in terms of color (especially useful for children), size, speed and the types of gums they will need to work on. Such set is a perfect money saving option as well. The whole family will also be able to enjoy having well cleaned and white teeth. It’s also perfect for children who aren’t eager to brush their teeth often.

 szczoteczki elektryczneTrips with a toothbrush

We shouldn’t worry that using the electric toothbrushes while on the trip is going to be uncomfortable. The modern toothbrushes are capable of working for 3-4 days without the need to recharge. That’s why taking a charger with us on a weekend trip isn’t necessary. For the longer trips, it’s recommended to take a special travelling protective case, which will not only protect the head tips and the handle from damages, but will also charge the device if we’ll charge it up before leaving. If we won’t have time to plug our toothbrush into the socket, putting it in the case will be enough – the energy will get replenished, while we won’t have to worry about being unable to brush our teeth.