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What makes the electric toothbrush better than the manual one?

szczoteczka elektryczna oral-b

The superiority of the electric toothbrush is incontrovertible. Its functions, efficiency and also accuracy and end results all surpass those of its manual counterpart. The only advantage of the „manual” toothbrush we can notice is its price. However, this isn’t such a hard topic regarding electronic devices – let’s take a closer look at the more specific comparisons and justifications.


The manual toothbrush is powered by the strength of our arm and is capable of reaching the maximum speed of 300 movements per minute. Only a few people can brush faster than that, but the overall tooth brushing wouldn’t be a nice and calm time spent in the bathroom in that case.


The electric toothbrush is powered by a battery we can always recharge using the charger bundled with the product. It usually offers multiple cleaning modes and, depending on the model, is capable of reaching about 8800 movements per minute. The speed is undoubtedly faster, which, consequently, improves the quality of brushing, while the teeth are smooth and shiny.


There are many ways of cleaning our teeth – all of these can be learned and adjusted to our needs. While it is possible to make various moves with the manual toothbrush while putting different amounts of pressure on the tooth’s surface, all of that requires us to possess a certain knowledge and skills.


The electric toothbrush has from 3 to 5 different cleaning modes – every single one of these is perfectly adjusted to the user’s needs. The programs we can find include: classic (2 minutes of regular brushing), gentle for sensitive teeth, whitening, gum massaging (which also improves blood circulation) and polishing (makes the teeth more shiny and smooth). Aside from choosing the mode we want, we can also improve the quality of brushing by choosing the most suitable head type.


The manual toothbrush is moves solely by our hands and doesn’t need anything else to work.


The electric toothbrush works as intended only with a charged battery. However, the users won’t find it much of a nuisance – the newest batteries can last even as long as 5 to 21 days without charging. Because of that, we can take the toothbrush with us on a longer trip. Besides, the charger isn’t big and can easily fit into any bag or purse.


The difference in pricing is diametrical. However, the electric toothbrushes offer much more than the manual – they are accurate, have many useful functions and have a healing and whitening effect on the tooth. Besides, the purchase of the basic kit is one-time only – we can use it for many years, with the only expense afterwards being buying an extra tip every three months (these are extremely cheap). Everybody who used the electric toothbrushes will surely express their positive opinion on these and recommend it as a „must have” for every person.