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What is the white diet?

8 November 2017

The dentists recommend sticking to a white diet for at least two days after the whitening or during the entire period of using the whitening products. It’s supposed to help maintain the white color of our teeth for a longer time. What exactly is the white diet and how long should we stick to it?

How does the white diet look like? Why is it so important?

This way of eating consists of putting away all of the food products containing natural and/or artificial color additives.

It’s worth knowing that the teeth which got whitened recently are very aborbent – because they are still porous after the procedure, they accumulate all dyes we give them. That’s why it’s so easy to change the enamel’s color and ruin the final effect of the whitening.

What to avoid while sticking to white diet?

During the first 48 hours after the procedure, you must avoid:

  • yellow/processed cheese,
  • flavored cottage cheese,
  • fruit yoghurts,
  • some vegetables: tomatoes, beets, corn, paprika, broccoli, spinach,
  • all fruits except of bananas,
  • ketchup, jam, sauce,
  • chocolate and other sweets,
  • colouring spices, most importantly gyros, turmeric, cinnamon, chilli and bouillon cubes,
  • egg yolks,
  • meat,
  • soups,
  • tea and coffee,
  • cocoa,
  • any form of alcohol,
  • fruit-vegetable juices, even homemade,
  • fizzy drinks.

After 48 hours, it’s still worth sticking to the white diet. We can already consume poultry meat and some fruits (apples, pears and peaches). We are allowed to drink coffee with milk, white wine, bright beer and bright (for example, apple) juices through the straw. As the days pass, you can gradually start adding other products to the diet, but for the next 2 weeks you should avoid highly processed foods (the ingredients of which are marked as E100 all the way to E199) and citruses. The colouring drinks should be consumed through a straw.

Keep in mind that during the first two weeks after the whitening you should brush and wash out your teeth after each meal or drink.

If you’ll end up consuming something that doesn’t belong in the white diet during the time when you should be sticking to it, simply brush your teeth with a delicate whitening toothpaste. Do it fast though, before the residue will manage to go deep into the enamel.

What to eat while being on white diet?

During the first 48 hours after the whitening, you can eat and drink:

  • dairy – mozzarella, dry cottage cheese, sour cream, natural yoghurts, natural buttermilk, kefir, sour milk, butter,
  • baked/scalded fish – pollock, salmon and seafood,
  • some vegetables: cauliflower, kohlrabi, white bean, potatoes, garlic, white cabbage, white raddish, white asparagus, parsley/celery root and peeled zucchini/eggplant,
  • only bananas as far as the fruits go,
  • white bread, white noodles, bright rice, millet, barley,
  • sauces based on yoghurt and sour cream,
  • herbs, salt and pepper,
  • coconut shreds,
  • water.

How long should we stick to white diet?

It’s obligatory for the first 48 hours after the whitening. Afterwards, everything depends on you and the recomendations of your dentist. The duration of white diet depends on how porous your teeth are and the individual eating habits. The safest period is two weeks – this will assure you that whatever you eat, won’t nullify the whitening effects.

Remembering that the white diet isn’t reserved to the whitening procedure alone – if you’re using, for example, an overlay method, stixk to this diet during the entire process of wearing the overlays, which is usually 2 – 3 weeks.

How to act after whitening our teeth?

Aside of the necessity of sticking to the white diet, you need to pay attention to other things after whitening your teeth. During the first two hours after the procedure, drink lots of still mineral water. Don’t eat, chew gum or brush your teeth, as the whitening process hasn’t ended yet.

During the first two days after the procedure, avoid consuming hot and very cold foods. The teeth after whitening are usually very sensitive – there’s no need to expose ourselves to unnecessary pain. During this time, use only the white toothpaste as well and avoid using mouthwashes.

If you want to enjoy having white teeth for longer, give up on smoking the regular and electric cigarettes. Preferrably for the rest of of your life, but if you can’t stop for good, then give up on them for at least a week.

If you’re using lipsticks or lip gloss – refrain from using these for at least two days after the procedure.

Thanks to sticking to the white diet, you’re going to take a good care of your teeth during the whitening process and make the effects even more visible. You should remember to not go overboard though – sticking to this diet for a longer time won’t provide you with the necessary nutrients!

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