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What is the sonic toothbrush?

czym jest szczoteczka soniczna

The sonic toothbrush, created in XXth Century, is another version of the classic electric toothbrush. It is, however, far more advanced and improved when it comes to the very process of brushing. The sonic toothbrush gently removes smudges and discoloration from the surface of the teeth using the sweeping – pulsing motion. Thanks to that, we can avoid damaging the enamel and prevent receding gums. The device also offers many cleaning modes and accessories supporting the brushing process.

The history of creation

The first projects of the device appeared around the year 1987. In 1992 the sonic toothbrushes entered worldwide manufacturing. It was made possible thanks to the American scientist named Robert Bock. His fast approval from the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) allowed for a sonic toothbrush to be recommended as an essential product for every household. It didn’t take long for the consumers to notice its better performance, caused by the more and more bold improvements made to the type of vibration and pulsation. In 2008 a new type of battery and motor has been implemented. It had a great influence on what the sonic toothbrush has become today.


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Performance and effectivity

działanie szczoteczki sonicznej

The ordinary electric toothbrush is a rotating one, capable of making approximately 8000 movements within one minute. You’d think that it’s an impressive number. Indeed, it is a great speed compared to the manual brushing. However, the sonic toothbrush is capable of 31.000 pulsating movements per minute. Thanks to that, we can expect the carefully brushed and refreshed teeth. It removes dental plaque in the amounts six times greater than a manual toothbrush. The daily use of a product of this kind will result in gradual whitening of the walls of the tooth and removal of the discoloration. The bent neck of the tip allows for reaching even the furthest teeth and the ones which are hard to clean. Two minutes in the morning and evening each are guaranteed to make you quickly appreciate the new purchase.

The sonic toothbrush isn’t that much more expensive than the electric one, but its performance and specifications definitely convince to making the right choice. It can be used by both adults and children at the age of 6 and above, thanks to its powerful battery it can be taken on trips (most of the sets contain the case made specially for these instances), while the additional programs (such as the intelligent clock, battery power display and pressure sensor) help the daily brushing to achieve the next level of quality.

The greatest advantages of sonic toothbrushes:

– easy tooth cleaning and high effectivity

– the traditional electric toothbrushes guarantee 5600 – 8800 oscillating movements, compared to the sonic toothbrush’s 31.000 to 62.000 pulsating movements.

– capable of removing six times more dental plaque than the manual toothbrushes

– more effective at reaching the areas between the teeth along with the teeth in the back

– restrict the forming of plaque and refresh the oral cavity

Safe usage

The sonic toothbrush has obtained the FDA (American quality control) certificate which assures its general safety. After such official approval from the government the consumers took interest in the product, with the said curiosity growing with each year. It can be noticed in many viral commercials, along with the toothbrushes powered by the rechargeable batteries becoming more and more frequent in the bathrooms we can visit.

As a curiosity, it is also possible to outfit the sonic toothbrush with additional functions such as Smartimer and Quadpacer, which are monitoring the brushing duration of the device. The former turns off the toothbrush automatically after two minutes have passed while the latter is a 30-second interval which allows for keeping track of the way we brush our teeth while managing the time for cleaning every single area of our oral cavity, thirty seconds for each area. We should never forget about the most important thing though – the products like this are best bought at the renowned store, specializing in selling the toothbrushes directly.


Check out our ranking of the best sonic toothbrushes

Amongst the most popular sonic toothbrush models we can mention:

  1. Smilesonic PerfectClean

One of the best sonic toothbrushes available on the market. Jedna z najlepszych szczoteczek sonicznych na polskim rynku. Chart topping and well equipped model by a solid manufacturer. Offers 5 cleaning modes and incredibly high cleaning precision. It’s also comfortable and made out of materials of the highest quality. The set also contains a handy travelling case.


  1. Seysso Proffesional

A great toothbrush offering 3 cleaning modes and precise cleaning. Seysso Professional ensures effectivity of brushing and the first class production quality. The set contains a handle, two replaceable head tips, a charger and very handy protective case with a built-in USB charger.


  1. WhiteWash SW2000

The brand which was strengthening its position on the oral hygiene accessory market for the last few years. Their newest model of a sonic toothbrush is a perfect combination of practical functionality and reasonable price. Great design and cleaning precision are the strongest points of this product. Bundled with 3 replaceable heads and a charger.



The toothbrush completely different from the other models available on the market. Its head is made entirely out of silicone, which allows for a very gentle, but still effective, brushing. Peculiar design and properties unseen anywhere else make it a very innovative product. The head needs to be replaced once a year, while the battery needs charging once in 6 months.


  1. Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum

A high class device offering 9 different cleaning modes and other useful functions for both the novices and the advanced users. A perfectly equipped set, which, aside of 9 replaceable head tips, contains two charger types, a travelling case and the head tip disinfecting station.


  1. Teesa SONIC Pro

A model characterized by its fantastic relativity of its price to the quality. This incredibly well made toothbrush offers 5 cleaning modes and a durable battery. Ensures up to 48.000 pulsating movements per minute.


  1. Oral-B Professional Care Black/White

The set characterized by its interesting design and 6 cleaning modes. It’s an advanced toothbrush for more demanding users. The set offers many different kinds of head tips and a Smartphone app connectivity via Bluetooth.