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What is the electric toothbrush?

The electric toothbrush is a product for a fast and quick tooth cleaning using either the back-and-forth oscillation or rotation oscillation (the brush can move either clockwise or counter-clockwise). It is powered by a small motor hidden inside of its interior. The modern electric toothbrushes are charged via replaceable battery, placed in the charger when not currently used.

The types of brushes

szczoteczka elektryczna

The toothbrushes powered by a battery can be divided into three groups. The first is the most basic group consisting of electric toothbrushes, made with all users in mind, regardless of age. Learning how to use a toothbrush is fast, as the device itself is not complicated and intuitive. The electric toothbrushes can be further divided into two subgroups, which are the sonic and ultrasonic brushes. These quite recent inventions (introduced near the end of the twentieth Century) offer a better quality along with new ways of oral hygiene. They are great for people with delicate gums, along with those wearing dentures or braces.

The effectivity of usage

The doctors of dental medicine agree that using an electric toothbrush is better for our teeth than brushing with a manual brush. The reason behind that lies in the additional functions the electric toothbrushes are outfitted with. Amongst these we can find the pressure sensor which informs the user that they are putting too much pressure on their teeth and/or gums. The modern toothbrushes are also offering the adjustable speed and a built-in clock which measures how much time we spent on brushing one part of our oral cavity – after 30 seconds, a sound informs us that we can move on to the other side and after 120 seconds it will let us know that we can finish. Thanks to that and many other functions, brushing our teeth remains under our full control.

Trouble-free charging

elektryczna szczoteczka do zębów

Electric toothbrushes need a charged battery in order to work. Originally, they could only be used in one place because of the necessity to plug them into electrical sockets, but this problem got solved very quickly. In 1961, a new, innovative toothbrush equipped with a wireless charger has been created. Thanks to that, the usage of the device didn’t have to be restricted by cables. Currently, an electric toothbrush can be charged once in five days. This is how long the battery can last when the device is not plugged in. The people for whom five days are not enough can always look for a model with replaceable battery. It’s possible to buy an extra motor and use them in turns.