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What is the curaprox toothbrush?

szczoteczka curaprox

In the era of technological development, the dental one as well, the drugstores and Online stores are offering the newest toothbrush called Curaprox. What’s behind this name? It’s a manual toothbrush available in many interesting colors with a special, medical purpose. It’s suitable for anyone who cares about careful brushing of their teeth, along with their simultaneous protection.

Careful analysis

What is it mostly characterized by? It’s a toothbrush with very soft bristles intended to carefully and gently clean all parts of the teeth. On the tip of the toothbrush we can find exactly 1560 bristles 0.10 mm in diameter. It’s a perfect and preferred thickness which makes the toothbrush perfectly “meaty”. This bristle type doesn’t get stiff in contact with water (we often don’t notice that, but the bristles of a regular toothbrush also harden in water). The toothbrush is bundled with a plastic head protection cap. Thanks to that we can protect it from bacteria or getting damaged during the tip (bristles will remain untouched). The toothbrush also utilizes the octagonal handle shape, which allows for a careful cleaning of teeth in any way and from any angle.

The best manual toothbrush

szczoteczki curaprox

The toothbrush is made for everyone. It was made with disabilities and illnesses in mind, so it can be used without any problems. Its shape and tip type allow us to not only brush the teeth, but massage them as well. The fact that these toothbrushes are delicate doesn’t mean that they’re worse at removing the filth, as, according to the studies, this toothbrush is fully capable of completely removing the entire plaque. This product is especially recommended to the people with periodontitis, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums or those who needed to go through periodontium treatments recently. A soft structure and the flexible neck allow it to reach and clean the places hard to reach and the interdental surfaces.

The perfect choice

While the electric toothbrushes are the most popular nowadays, it’s interesting that the regular manual toothbrush has even appeared on the market. However, thanks to its specs, the way it works and its design, it can still compete with its electronic counterparts without any problems. The price of such toothbrush is low, plus it’s available at both the Online stores and the regular ones (like drugstores). Many people who started using it expressed disbelief at how delicate it is and how well it handles removing smudges. Curaprox, the perfect choice for everyone.