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What is a mouthwash?

płyn do płukania jamy ustnejWashing our mouth out gradually becomes more and more popular amongst people. We have generally realized that we should take a better care of our oral cavity – not only by brushing our teeth. Washing the mouth out is important, as it kills even 80% of the bacteria remaining in our mouths. The toothbrush removes only the ones which can be found on the surface of our teeth. The mouthwash on the other hand removes them from our tongue, cheeks and throat as well.

Mouthwash – specification

The mouthwash is mostly made out of fluoride, zinc salts and ammonium compounds. These ingredients stop forming of the cavities and discolorations. They also make the enamel more resistant and help maintain fresh breath for longer. We shouldn’t forget that in order for the mouthwash to work effectively, it needs to be used regularly. The best option is using it twice a day, 30 seconds per use. That’s how long it takes for the liquid to start working in all areas of our mouths. We should also stick to the following order – first brushing, then flossing and finally using a mouthwash.


płyn do płukania ustThe mouthwash not only helps get rid of bacteria, but also removing the remains of dental plaque remaining after brushing. Thanks to this additional protection, we can prevent such problems as cavities, gum ailments, bad breath and tartar. If we’re buying the mouthwash for the whole family, it’s worth choosing the one which is made out of the natural ingredients and doesn’t contain alcohol. This will allow us to enjoy the natural color of our teeth, along with protecting ourselves from problems like periodontitis and sensitivity.

Which mouthwash to choose?

Many drugstores offer different types of mouthwashes. They differ from one another in taste and function. The most common mouthwashes are the menthol ones of varying intensity – from the most delicate ones to very strong ones, mint in taste. We can also find fruit flavored mouthwashes for children. We should also take the type of function we want into consideration – do we want an antibacterial protection, whitening or refreshing our breath? There’s a mouthwash for all of these needs. There are also special mouthwashes for the people with braces and with sensitive teeth. The mouthwashes can be bought at any drugstore or ordered on the Internet. If we can’t make up our mind, consulting our dentist is a good idea.