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What is a dental floss?

nić dentystycznaA nylon string made for cleaning the interdental surfaces, also known as the dental floss. According to the research, it removes even 80% of the general filth in our mouths. Popular since the XIXth Century, it allows us to keep our mouths perfectly clean, being recommended by most of the dentists as an important supplement of the daily gum cleaning. We should keep in mind that we can’t use it as a complete replacement of the traditional toothbrush though.

Historical background

The dental floss was invented in 1819 by Levi Spear Parmly, a dentist from New Orleans. At first, he used the silk fibers covered in wax. In the year 1898, the Johnson & Johnson company took over the patent and started production on a much greater scale, raising awareness of the advantages of dental floss amongst the people. Over 100 years after its invention, the companies decided to replace the silk with a much cheaper and more effective nylon, which is still being used to this day. A little curiosity might be the fact that the product appeared in some of the classic novels, like James Joyce’s “Ulysses”, where the protagonist used the floss after brushing his teeth every day.

The advantages of usage

nić dentystycznaThe dentists claim that using the dental floss has a very positive effect on our teeth. They suggest using it once a day, but the more pricy, specialized flosses can be used multiple times during a single day. The best way of using this product is brushing our teeth first. This will help us reduce gum ailments and bad breath. We can also decide which type of the dental floss fits our needs the most – waxed or unwaxed. The waxed floss should only be used after brushing our teeth, while the unwaxed one can be used at any time.

Correct use

Before using the floss for the first time, it’s recommended to learn how to handle them in advance. Many novices decide to make the back and forth movement, while holding the floss with both hands and pulling them in turns. This might lead to some serious damage to our gums. The best way of cleaning these is to place the floss between our teeth and then move it along their surface, from top to gums. This “up-and-down” movement should be made using both hands at the same time. This action should be repeated three to four times per area. A special handle is also recommended, as it can help us floss our teeth faster and more comfortably.