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What are the whitening strips?

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Tooth whitening has become more and more popular in recent years. The white teeth symbolize health and beauty. Aesthetics changed so much, that we don’t feel comfortable looking at discolored teeth anymore. That’s why, aside of using such products as toothpastes and mouthwashes, it’s worth considering a short whitening strip treatment.

What is it?

The whitening strip is a silicone strip soaked in a special gel. This gel consists mainly of hydrogen peroxide of varying intensity. The whitening strength can be adjusted to the discoloration levels of our enamel. Before using the strips however, we should go to see the dentist. It’s very important, as the strips aren’t suitable for everyone. They might lead to sensitive teeth, which is why the people suffering from these or from weak/irritated gums shouldn’t use this product. The other problem is drooling – the strips need to remain on the teeth for a couple of minutes, which is why the people with a drooling problem should come prepared for that. However, using the whitening strips doesn’t lead to any side effects. After regular usage we can enjoy a beautiful, Hollywood smile.

How to use

paski wybielające

In the package we can find two strips – one specially for the upper jaw and one for lower. The whole treatment takes 7 days, which is why we should buy 14 packages (28 stripes in total). We use them every day, in the morning and in the evening. It’s best not to use them straight after brushing (holding them in won’t be as pleasant). We stick the strips to our teeth and then gently tack them on. Now we should wait 30 minutes. After this time, we take the strips off and wash away the gel remaining on the teeth. Always remember that we shouldn’t brush our teeth right after using the strips and wait for at least an hour, as the stripes always leave the gums slightly irritated and might hurt while brushing. Once the treatment ends, we will surely notice a huge difference in the appearance and color of our teeth.

Tooth care

Whitening our teeth at home is simple and very effective. Using the whitening strips is, most importantly, highly efficient, making them a recommended purchase for those, who found specialized toothpastes and mouthwashes ineffective for their teeth. We should also remember that the strips won’t be able to help us with all types of discolored teeth, as their only purpose is to clean the enamel of residue and discoloration. The people with naturally yellow bones won’t be able to whiten their teeth using these, unfortunately. That’s why visiting our dentist is so important in the first place.