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What are the fluoride free toothpastes?

pasty bez fluoruFluoride – the silent enemy of our organism. Most of the toothpastes use it as an ingredient. Its effects aren’t always approved by the adults, which led to creation of specialized fluoride free toothpastes. These are used in the exact same way – by placing the toothpaste on the toothbrush and precise cleaning of teeth and gums. These toothpastes are much healthier though, as there are still no contraindications regarding their usage. They are suitable for both the adults and children in all ages.

Fluoride under the microscope

The researchers claim that, in small doses, toothpastes aren’t dangerous, as fluoride has antibacterial properties. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop the cavity from forming. It has been also proven that fluoride works only on the the people in the age up to 20 years old, as the older teeth don’t react to its presence anymore. Sometimes, things get even worse, as the fluoride can destroy our teeth. What should we be afraid of? Fluorosis. First, it causes small stains to appear on the surface of our teeth, which then turn darker as the time goes on, leading to the tooth crumbling. Fluoride also causes the toothbrushes to wear out more easily, and dental fillings to last shorter.

The safe toothpaste

pasta do zębówA fluoride free toothpaste is created only from the natural ingredients made for removing bacteria, cleaning the enamel and leaving the breath fresh and healthy. The most popular toothpaste of this kind is the ayurvedic one, with a gillyflower extract added in. It protects the enamel as effectively as the other known toothpastes. Every toothbrush, even the electric one, won’t break after using it with this toothpaste for a prolonged time. On the Internet we can find lots of recipes for homemade toothpastes. For people with a lot of free time on their hands it can be a great way of spending their time, both for them and their kids. Making products which can then be used by the whole family can be a lot of fun.

The toothpaste for everyone

The fluoride free toothpastes should be used, most importantly, by children, disabled people, and pregnant women. It’s also the additional way of protecting ourselves from having too much fluoride in our bodies. The children are also lacking the habit to spit the toothpaste out after brushing and washing their mouths out, leading to swallowing lots of fluoride. This might lead to health problems and feeling unwell. The fluoride free toothpastes are widely available in many places (pharmacies, drugstores, shopping centers), so acquiring them isn’t hard. While choosing the right toothpaste for us, we can also take care  of choosing the right accessories for maintaining our oral hygiene, like toothbrushes and mouthwashes.