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Waterpik WP-70 E2 Ultra

Irygator Waterpik WP-70 E2 UltraIt’s a big irrigator for the whole family, bundled with 4 replaceable tips – each of them marked with a different color of rubber. Waterpik WP-70 E2 Ultra is a solid device capable of cleaning the hard to reach places and periodontal pockets, along with removing bacteria, residue and food particles. Thanks to the adjustable pressure we can we can make the device compatible with our individual needs and the state of our teeth.


First impressions

The performance of the device is flawless – it’s a solid product with a big container capable of holding even up to 1000 ml of liquids! The whole set’s color scheme is consistent, with a white device and tips, combined with a blue measuring container. An interesting solution is adding a colored rubber ring to every tip (pink, violet, dark blue and completely blue), making distinguishing them easier, if we share the device with other family members. The size of the irrigator is definitely a disadvantage, as it requires some free space in our bathroom, along with being plugged into the electrical socket all the time.


The biggest advantage of the Waterpik stationary irrigator is an option of a fluid change of pressure. This means that the device can work by using a 5,5 Br stream, which can then be lowered to 2 Br, within the single cleaning session. Aside of changing the pressure, we can also stop the stream completely while cleaning.

The manufacturer has also created a container capable of holding up to 1000 ml of any liquid, allowing us to clean our teeth using not only water, but any liquid we want.

The set contains 4 tips: two classic, one for cleaning our tongue and one of interdental surfaces and periodontal pockets.



  • WP-70 E2 irrigator
  • 2 basic irrigation tips
  • 1 tip for cleaning the tongue (Tongue Cleaner)
  • 1 tip with a rubber used for cleaning the periodontal pockets and places hardest to reach
  • instruction manual


Waterpik WP-70 E2 Ultra is capable of working for a very long time during a single session, thanks to its capacious water container. It’s stationary, which makes keeping it plugged to the electrical socket all the time necessary, but it’s perfect for the entire family (it offers 4 tips), regardless of age and state of oral cavity of the user. The irrigator cleans not only healthy teeth, but also the ones suffering from periodontitis or with bridges/braces. A regular usage is a perfect supplement for the everyday brushing, as it removes food particles and the remaining residue.