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Waterpik WP-112 E2 Ultra Black

Irygator Waterpik WP-112 E2 Ultra BlackIt’s a hi-tech device made for professional irrigation. Perfect for cleaning the teeth with various ailments. The seven tips bundled with the device allow us to clean the healthy teeth or the ones suffering from periodontitis, along with being able to clean the braces, bridges, implants and crowns. The irrigation not only allows us to remove the rest of the food particles and residue, but also the bacteria lingering in interdental surfaces or on a tongue.

First impressions

The irrigator looks very professional, thanks to its black color scheme and white tips, which can be stored within the small container hidden in the upper part of the water container. The device cleans with precision, has many cleaning modes and allows us to use even a very hot water (up to 90 Celsius degrees).

According to the tests, many people notice a significant improvement of the state of their teeth and gums even after 14 days of using the device. In nearly 40% of the cases, the bleeding and inflammations of the gums got reduced as well. An important part of the device is its massaging function as well – it enhances and stimulates the blood circulation below the gum line.


The most frequently mentioned advantage of the Waterpik WP-112 E2 Ultra Black irrigator is the adjustable pressure. The device offers up to 10 pressure levels ranging from 0,3Br to 6,2Br. This allows the everyday usage to be adjusted to the state of our teeth and gums.

Additionally, the irrigator also has the gum massage function. It’s an interesting option, with a positive effect on our mouth cavity, as the everyday massage improves blood circulation and, in consequence, makes our gums stronger and more resistant (at the same time, it lowers their susceptibility to bleeding).

It’s also worth mentioning the set of 7 tips, 6 of which being made for different purposes and irrigation types, including tongue cleaning and irrigation below the gum line.


  • Waterpik WP-112 E2 Ultra Black irrigator
  • charger
  • 2 classic irrigation tips
  • 1 tongue cleaning tip
  • 1 tip used for irrigation below the gum line
  • 1 tip for cleaning braces
  • 1 tip for cleaning implants, bridges and crowns
  • 1 tip with a built-in toothbrush
  • instruction manual


Waterpik WP-112 E2 Ultra Black irrigator is a great supplement of the everyday oral hygiene. It’s far more effective than the regular flosses and mouthwashes. Aside of the ability to remove the food particles and bacteria, it also works great at removing the dental plaque, one of the most common factors of cavity formations, and residue, along with refreshing our breath.