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Waterpik FLW-220E1- a whitening flosser for the interdental surfaces

Waterpik FLW-220E1 is a portable whitening device for adults. The function of this product is to remove the filth from interdental surfaces, including residue, dental plaque, food remains and bacteria. It’s an electronic counterpart of flossing our teeth, except much more effective and precise.


Waterpik FLW-220E1 is a delicate flosser, which works well for all patients (except of those with tight interdental surfaces), it can be recommended even to those wearing bridges. Aside of the regular cleaning, it also has whitening properties. It removes the discolorations from the interdental surfaces with utmost precision, by making 10.000 movements per minute. However, it’s just an addition to the regular cleaning, as we still need to remember to maintain good oral hygiene and brush our teeth regularly. Only then the effects of the flosser will be visible.


The set contains the following:

  • 1 Waterpik flosser
  • 15 whitening flosser tips
  • 1 AA battery


The flosser reviewed here is a small device, which can be easily taken with us on the trip or to the office. It’s powered by small batteries, so it’s not dependent on the presence of nearby electric sockets. It’s quite easy to use and the results of using this device become visible after a regular usage. The product is available for an affordable price of 17 pounds. It can be mostly found at the Online stores specializing in selling the devices which clean and whiten our teeth.