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Using an electric toothbrush in 10 easy steps

1. Charge the toothbrush

ładowanie szczoteczki elektrycznejIf we won’t charge our toothbrush, it will remain an ordinary, manual toothbrush. This is why it’s recommended to always keep the device plugged into the charger – that way we can always be sure that it’s going to work as intended. We should also remember to always keep it nearby, but never just leave it in the sink, which might lead to damaging the toothbrush on accident.

2. Keep the toothbrush in good shape

A toothbrush in good shape has soft, unbent nylon bristles. In order for it to maintain such look, we need to replace the head every three months, unless we’ll notice that brushing has become less comfortable or that the bristles are falling off, which requires replacing the tip earlier.

3. Soak the toothbrush

Put a small amount of toothpaste (the one made specially for electric toothbrushes) on the wet bristles. Remember to not put too much toothpaste, otherwise it will cause it to produce more foam, which will make us want to finish brushing sooner than necessary.

4. Divide your teeth into four parts

In other words, upper left and right and bottom left and right. Start from the upper jaw and brush your teeth at 45 degree angle.

5. Brush carefully

 szczoteczki elektryczneSpend 30 seconds on each part of your teeth, don’t miss the inner and outer walls of the teeth and the interdental surfaces (the modern toothbrushes are equipped with a timer which will let us know that we can move on to another part of our mouth). In total, we’re going to spend two minutes on brushing.
Remember: if we ate something sour or drank fizzy drinks/orange juice, we should wait at least 30-60 minutes before brushing our teeth in order to avoid damaging the enamel.

6. Clean your tongue

You can gently clean your tongue, which will remove the remaining bacteria which might cause bad breath.

7. Wash your mouth out

Take some water into your mouth and carefully wash it out, before spitting the water out. This action is recommended by researchers who claim that this allows us to cleanse our mouth off the remains of toothpaste, the remaining bacteria and fluorine.

8. Wash the toothbrush

Pull the tip out of the handle and gently wash it with tap water. Wipe it clean before mounting it on the handle again.

9. Use the mouthwash

płukanie ustThis is an optional step. If we happen to own a bottle of mouthwash, now we can use it (the liquid should be kept in our mouth for approximately 30 seconds).

10. Plug the handle into the charger

Keep the handle plugged it, so it can be always charged and ready to use.