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Tooth brushing methods

Metody mycia zębówThe key to success and healthy, beautiful teeth is the correct brushing. We can distinguish a few interesting ways of cleaning them, with our health and consulting our dentist being the factors behind choosing the brushing technique perfect for us. The electric toothbrushes often allow us to utilize most of the aforementioned techniques. Not only that, but their additional functions allow us to adjust them (for example, the rotating-reciprocating motion). Here are the most important ways to brush our teeth:
Roll technique (aka sweeping method)
applying the toothbrush to the edge of the gum at the 45 degree angle (no tilting required for the chewing surfaces). The rotating-sweeping motions of the toothbrush should head towards the tip of the tooth’s crown. This method is used in case of slight inflammations.
Vibratory techniques
used during recessions, it starts with the horizontal vibrating movements, each motion ending with sweeping.
it starts off with horizontal movements, tilted towards chewing surface of the tooth at 45 degree angle (no tilting while brushing the actual chewing surfaces) – about 10 movements per each part of the brushed teeth. This method uses the side of a bristle to massage the gums. 
the horizontal movements gently clean the gingival slot, every single one of the 30 movements ending with a sweep.
Fones’ (rotary)
this simple method is mostly addressed to children and mentally challenged.
Classic methods

Horizontal method

The brushing is based around making “back and forth” movements. Delicate rotary movements are also allowed.

Vertical method

Consists of applying the bristle vertically to the lingual surfaces of the front teeth (along their axis) and then “sweeping away” the food remains stuck in our teeth.

mycie zębówBrushing should be adjusted to both our needs and the state of our teeth. Thanks to regular practices we can easily perfect our brushing technique. The extensive market takes care of improving the brushing quality, but how exactly are we going to use all of the available functions and methods is all dependant mostly on ourselves. We should also remember about choosing the right toothpaste (we can find toothpastes for children, adults and the people in need of a special care of their teeth).  It’s worth finding out more about the extras and accessories we can put our money into, as it will have impact on our future. The toothbrush was chosen the best human invention in 2003 for a reason.