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The types of tips for the electric and sonic toothbrushes

jaką końcówkę wybrać?

While buying a kit containing the electric toothbrush, we will most likely find not one, but two tips. Depending on the product we’ve chosen, these may be the regular heads only or a single regular tip and various specialized heads. If our teeth are healthy, the regular head is all we need. However, in some cases, it pays off to learn about their kinds, uses and purpose – this might make toothbrushing something much more than just a regular act of cleaning.


The most frequent types of heads:

CLASSIC – indistinctive when it comes to its shape, has mildly soft bristles. Used for daily tooth brushing and removing residue, bits of food and dental plaque.


WHITENING – similar in shape to the classic head, but its bristles are significantly harder. This tip is perfect for daily brushing, while also restoring the teeth’s natural white color.


SENSITIVE – the tip is round in shape, its bristles are very soft and delicate. Used for cleaning the sensitive teeth with a tendency to bleeding gums. Combined with a special gently brushing program, it guarantees a professional, accurate and at the same time gentle cleaning.


ORTHODONTIC – the tip has specially designed bristles with ideal level of thickness and free space in its center in order to allow the user to easily clean the locks (archwire stops). People wearing braces are guaranteed to enjoy safe and accurate tooth brushing.


SINGLE-TUFT – another offer for people wearing braces, but also those who are wearing implants, dentures or other prosthetic fillings. Thanks to the special shape and placement of the bristles, it’s perfect for cleaning interdental surfaces and places hardest to reach, while also removing residue, dental plaque and food remains.


FOR CHILDREN – outfitted with delicate bristles and a much smaller head. The tip designed this way allows the child to reach all places in their mouth.


SILICONE – made for gum massage. Perfectly compatible with the gentle cleaning mode, which allows it to become a supplement for cleaning sensitive teeth (the massage stimulates blood vessels which reinforce the gums).


TONGUE CLEANING OVERLAY – treated as a supplement of every tooth brushing – it helps remove the rest of the smudges and bacteria from the tongue area. Thanks to that, the teeth remain refreshed and clean for even longer.