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The structure of electric toothbrushes

budowa szczoteczkiThe electric toothbrushes are simple and very intuitive devices. They consist of a replaceable tip (head), a waterproof handle and charging station. The head is reusable and needs to be replaced only after a longer period of usage. The other parts of the toothbrush have a long longevity. In case of the modern electric toothbrushes, a single full battery charge is enough for even five days. Aside of the basic task, which is cleaning our teeth, these devices have been outfitted with additional functions, such as:


Can be set to between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. After this time, the device will turn itself off. It’s the perfect way of making sure that we’re brushing our teeth long enough.


It shows us the interface, timer and emoticons encouraging us to keep brushing our teeth.

Pressure sensor

The sonic toothbrushes are equipped with a sensor which warns us about putting too much pressure on our teeth.

Cleaning modes

There are many brushing methods, some of the toothbrushes have built-in modes which allow us to choose the one most suitable for our teeth.

szczoteczki elektryczne

The electric toothbrushes can be divided into the ones which are rotating and the ones which are vibrating. Most of the models aren’t that different from one another in terms of design, but we can notice some significant differences when it comes to their specs.


The changes on the toothbrush market have developed significantly over the years since their introduction. The most popular battery-powered toothbrushes are:

Electric toothbrush

The head makes pulsating, oscillating and rotating movements at the same time (approximately 4000 movements per minute). The electric toothbrushes are a better choice than the manual ones, as they’re not putting pressure on the currently brushed surface of the tooth.

Sonic toothbrush

They are very gentle. Their heads make pulsating movements once turned on, sending out ultrasounds which shatter the dental plaque and remove bacteria. It’s the high frequency sounds which help remove the infections.

Ultrasonic toothbrush

They send out ultrasonic vibrations of a very high frequency and a very low amplitude. These vibrations lead to shattering of the bacteria chains on the enamel, even 5mm below the gum level. The head of the ultrasonic toothbrush makes up to even 92 million movements per minute.

Choosing the most suitable toothbrush should be discussed with a specialist (doctor of oral health), who, based on our oral cavity and the state of our teeth, will help us choose the perfect toothbrush for us.