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The most popular whitening methods

Despite of the fact that the Hollywood-worthy smile sure is trendy, no one is born with snow white teeth. It’s a fact worth remembering when we’re about to complain about the color of our teeth while looking at ourselves in the mirror. There are many factors with negative effects on our teeth, many of them being unavoidable, such as the time itself, food and drinks we consume, the medicine we take and our genes. Luckily, there are many ways to whiten our teeth safely.

Start whitening by removing the tartar first

Before whitening our teeth, a dentist visit is recommended in order to check if there are no contraindications preventing us from undergoing the procedure. Removing the tartar alone might ensure a solid whitening effect. It’s a cheap method which will not only make our teeth look better, but it will also protect our oral cavities from ailments such as cavities and periodontitis.

The whitening toothpaste

It’s the simplest way to remove the superficial discolorations at home and whiten our teeth even by a few shades. While deciding to use the whitening toothpaste, you should choose the one which acts enzymatic while whitening our teeth instead of the one with a high RDA volume. Using a product with abrasiveness level higher than 100 can damage the enamel and gums for good.

A whitening mouthwash or a whitening head tip for the electric/sonic toothbrush is a good supplement of whitening our teeth at home as well.

Whitening gels and stripes

Another methods of whitening our teeth at home. Based around the hydrogen peroxide or other ingredients, these are able to brighten our teeth by 2-4 shades. The whole whitening process usually takes somewhere between one to four weeks. Their biggest disadvantage is that, when used improperly, they can leave unsightly stains on our teeth.

The whitening stripes are stuck to the teeth with the side soaked in an active gel, usually two times a day, 30 minutes each. Remember to not leave them on your teeth for longer than stated on the box! After using this product, the teeth might temporarily become sensitive. Unfortunately, the stripes don’t whiten the interdental surfaces.

The whitening gels are applied to the plastic trays included with them. We should always warm the tray up using water and make sure it fits our teeth perfectly before using the gel. Usually, the product should be used twice a day, 30 minutes per use. Using the gel might lead to the temporary tooth sensitivity.

Dental overlays

It’s a perfect whitening method, being a combination of the dental precision and the overall comfort of whitening our teeth at home. In order to use it, we need to visit our dentist so that they could make the overlays made specially for our teeth. We can then apply a special gel (its concentration depends on the opinion of our dentist) to the overlay, which usually needs to be worn twice a day, 2 hours per use.

Lamps and lasers

At the professional dental offices, the whitening can be done using lamps and/or lasers. The way it works is that the dentist, after removing the tartar from our teeth, applies a high concentration active gel to them. Next, the gel is being irradiated by a special lamp which emits light of a specific frequency or by a laser, both of them speed up the effects of the gel. The whole cycle needs to be repeated 2 to 4 times, while the effects are visible right after leaving the dentist’s office. This method can brighten our teeth even by over a dozen shades! However, the price of this procedure is undoubtedly its significant disadvantage.

When we can’t whiten our teeth – facings and crowns

Some discolorations can’t be removed with chemicals. The teeth which have gone grey after using the tetracycline, dead (the outside whitening doesn’t work on them) or discolorated because of severe illnesses might turn out to be beyond saving. The only way we have is to place either the facing – a thin, porcelain shield, stuck to the front of the tooth, or a crown. They hide the natural color of our tooth and conceal the unsightly discolorations.

If you think that your teeth are yellow and disfigure your appearance – you have multiple ways of whitening them. Regardless of whether you prefer to do so at home or at the dental office, you can choose the method most suitable for you. Just remember to see your dentist before trying to brighten your smile – he’ll examine your teeth and make sure that there are no contraindications preventing you from using the chemical products.