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The most frequent mistakes made during tooth brushing

higiena szczoteczkiFor most people, brushing their teeth is one of the most trivial and simplest everyday activities. However, according to the studies, only less than a half of population is brushing their teeth properly. An incorrect use of the toothbrush might lead to many health problems, especially when it comes to worsening the state of our teeth and gums. We should also remember that the sonic and electric toothbrushes work differently than the manual ones and require a different approach and technique. In this article we’ll try to distinguish the most common mistakes we make while brushing our teeth.


Pushing the toothbrush against our teeth too hard

We shouldn’t put too much pressure on our teeth, as this might lead to damaging the gums and enamel. This applies especially to the people using electric and sonic toothbrushes . Luckily, the newest models of these we can find pressure sensors which automatically slow the rotation down if we’ll push them too hard against the tooth.

The toothbrush we use is too hard

Keep in mind that the softer the toothbrush, the more positive effect it has on our teeth and mood. The bristles which are too hard might lead to irritations. Soft bristles allow us to massage our gums, while also being safe to the enamel.

Brushing time is too short

According to the dentists’ recommendations, brushing should take 2 – 3 minutes. Most people finish brushing their teeth in less than a minute, even. Shortening our brushing time has a negative effect on our oral cavity and causes cavities to form. An electronic or sonic toothbrush is a good choice here, thanks to the built-in timer which will let us know how long should we brush our teeth.

Brushing our teeth after eating lemons

Not many people know that we shouldn’t brush our teeth after eating lemons, as the acid produced by these fruits significantly weakens our enamel. Brushing might irritate our teeth and make the enamel permanently weakened. After eating lemons, we should wait a couple of minutes before brushing our teeth.

Wrong brushing technique

Toothbrush and toothpaste alone aren’t enough. We should look into different brushing techniques as well. One of the best methods is a sweeping motion which allows us to precisely clean our interdental surfaces. Flossing and using a mouthwash is also recommended. The electronic and sonic toothbrush are perfect replacements for the manual ones, as they offer a better cleaning precision and reach speeds impossible for a human hand.