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The History Of The Electric Toothbrush

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Broxodent is the very first electric toothbrush ever created, invented in Switzerland by dr Philippe-Guy Woog. It was made with people suffering from restricted motor functions in mind, along with orthodontic patients in order to make the daily oral hygiene easier and possible in the first place. Originally produced in Switzerland (later the factories got moved to France) for the Broxo Inc.


The first electric toothbrushes make their appearance in the United States, having a wide appeal from the very beginning.


Introduction of the very first electric toothbrush equipped with a wireless charger. Because of the battery contained within the toothbrush, the housing is hermetically sealed in order to prevent the water from getting inside the device. Because of that, the toothbrushes don’t have any metallic sockets – the charging procedure is based around electromagnetic induction (similarly to a transformer).


The manufacturers design another function for the electric toothbrush – a model named Interplak, outfitted with a rotating tip, is introduced.

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The development of the industry and high sales of the toothbrushes lead to creation of their new types. The first one is a sonic toothbrush. It’s got a different frequency and vibration type compared to the regular electric toothbrush. The other newly introduced type is an ultrasonic toothbrush, which utilizes ultrasonic waves to clean the user’s teeth while reaching approximately 192 million movements per hour.


The devices get upgraded with a new step-down transformer which allows them to work at low voltage (12, 16 or 24V). Because of that, it’s possible to safely use them in the bathrooms, as they are not utilizing the alternating current anymore.

Electric toothbrushes get the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval.