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The electric toothbrush vs the manual toothbrush

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A simple question: which toothbrush is better, electric one or manual? The best choice is seeing for yourself which one suits your fancy more. However, if we don’t want to waste our time or money for trying different options, we can always read this article, showcasing the strong points of both types of toothbrush.

The advantages of electric toothbrushes

– Durability. Despite of their price, the electric toothbrushes are products which can be used for many long years.

– Their bristles are more delicate, allowing them to avoid irritating the gums. They are also effective at removing bacteria and plaque because of that.

– While using an electric toothbrush, you don’t need to think about your brushing technique, as these toothbrushes have built-in functions and after adjusting these to your preferences all you need to do is turning the device on while brushing. The brush can then handle the rest of the procedure alone.

– The another advantage is a gum massage which is performed during the regular brushing.

– The electric toothbrushes, in most cases, have a built-in timer which informs us that we can finish brushing after two minutes have passed. The newest toothbrushes are also outfitted with pressure sensors and digital displays showing the current battery level or reminding us about changing the tip (the tip needs to be replaced once every three months).

– They are perfect for children and people with motor skill disorders.

The advantages of manual toothbrushes

– The manual toothbrushes are definitely cheaper. They can be bought at either the general or grocery stores and the actual dental stores.

– They don’t require any additional power source. It’s the most common type of toothbrush and is used completely manually – the speed and duration of brushing depends on us completely.


– Extra accessories – the industry has a huge amount of products to offer, if we care about improving the quality of brushing our teeth. These include, for example, tongue cleaning overlays or gum stimulators.

– Disposable products are also available, in many places it’s possible to buy toothbrushes bundled with a small amount of toothpaste, which is a perfect solution when we feel the need to brush our teeth as soon as possible and then dispose of the product when we don’t need it anymore.

– Manual toothbrushes are perfect for trips, as they can be used at any time without having to worry about them not working anymore (for example, when the battery runs out).

Our choice

Aside of our own preferences, contacting the dentist who will help us make the right choice after a careful examination of our oral cavity and teeth. Choosing a toothbrush is a very personal choice and should be treated carefully in order to avoid damaging our teeth in the future.