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The best electric toothbrushes available for over 100 pounds

The category which contains the top notch sonic toothbrush sets. All of the described products offer a vast selection of possibilities and cleaning modes, along with a lot of, often innovative, extras, such as timers connected to the toothbrush along with custom chargers and cases. The said custom properties of these toothbrushes lead to very high prices though. Because of that, this category is reserved only to the people seeking maximum comfort and the newest devices of the highest class.



A revolutionary sonic toothbrush, offering the most innovative properties out of all available models. FOREO is distinguished by a very original, hi-tech design and an innovative concept of the head being made completely out of antibacterial silicone. Aside of that, the device has been outfitted with a battery capable of working for 6 months without recharging and 8 different speeds of brushing. (more)


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2.Megasonex Ultrasonic

An innovative toothbrush utilizing ultrasounds and sonic technology. Megasonex Ultrasonic brushes our teeth perfectly and, what’s most important, doesn’t irritate neither gums nor enamel. The high price is fully justified, if we’ll take a closer look at the capabilities and production values of this device. The toothbrush is recommended for both the regular brushing and for people with braces or implants. (more)


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Panasonic EW-DE92-S

3.Panasonic EW-DE92-S

A universal sonic toothbrush the whole family should enjoy (the set contains, for example, rings used for marking our own replaceable heads). The device offers a very high comfort of brushing, plus it’s delicate to the teeth and enamel. The set rich in content provides us with varied and useful cleaning modes. It contains additional heads and accessories which make the daily brushing easier. As expected from this price range, the quality and production values are truly remarkable. (more)


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Oral-B Professional Care Black 7000

4.Oral-B Professional Care Black/White 7000

An advanced sonic toothbrush, combining hi-tech design and varied cleaning options. The set contains a rich selection of extras and accessories, even a few replaceable heads. The device is recommended for the advanced users with a thick wallet. We can easily find other alternatives for this model. (more)


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