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The advantages of a sonic toothbrush

zalety szczoteczki sonicznej

The people who used only a manual toothbrush until now and are currently looking for a better alternative of tooth cleaning, or people who own an electric toothbrush but are wondering about new products offered by the industry now have the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of advantages regarding owning and using the sonic toothbrush.

More than just brushing

This specialized device for tooth cleaning uses pulsating movements and reaches the speed of 31.000 vibrations per minute. Multiple versions of sonic toothbrushes exist. The first of these utilize the vibrating movement only, but we can also find the models which add ultrasounds to the mix as well. What makes pulsations better than the oscillating tip? The quality of cleaning is a priority: the vibrations create micro-bubbles which penetrate the interdental surfaces and places hard to reach, where they can carefully remove residue, food remains and dental plaque (they are great for tightly packed teeth).

Exceptional bristles

Aside of the way of cleaning, the bristle structure has been improved as well. The placement of the bristles is dependant on the chosen model (the most frequent tip though is the oval or diamond shape), but they all have one thing in common – the bristles are made out of special material. Their hardness is average, but the feeling makes it much softer than the heads we’re already familiar with (it owes its softness to the longer bristles). Thanks to its advantages, it’s better at cleaning and leaves a feeling of freshness for a much longer period of time.

Many additional functions

The sonic toothbrushes are enhanced variants of the electric ones. Aside of their basic cleaning modes (usually 3-6 different types of brushing), the programs supporting the daily oral hygiene have also been installed on these devices. The most important ones are battery charging and level display, pressure sensor (the toothbrush makes sure that we won’t damage the enamel by putting too much pressure on the tooth) and the intelligent clock (which turns the device off automatically after 2 minutes of brushing, along with working in 30 second intervals).

Cleaning modes

Depending on the model, we get from 3 to 6 different modes to choose from:

  • Normal – the classic whitening mode
  • Sensitive – specially for sensitive teeth
  • Whitening – specialized in restoring the tooth’s natural color
  • Massage – specially for gum massage
  • Polish or Tongue Cleaning – the program polishing the enamel and cleaning the tongue


The sonic toothbrush is a professional care for the daily oral hygiene. Thanks to its specialized programs it can support us and make the brushing easier. Based on its predecessor – the electric toothbrush, it contains all of its strong points and, what’s more, advanced them to the next level of functionality. The best option without a single doubt.