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How does the charcoal whitening work?

13 October 2017

Who doesn’t dream of having a white smile! It’s definitely the simplest way to meeting new people and achieving successes in life – that’s why we desire it so much. Unfortunately, whitneing our teeth is pretty expensive. The products avaible at pharmacies tend to be pricy already, let alone the professional whitneing at the dentist’s office, which can sometimes cost ten times more! That’s why the household remedies are still very popular. Amongst these we can find the activated charcoal whitening. Is it safe and effective though?

How does the charcoal whitening work?

In order to whiten your teeth using a charcoal, you must buy one at the pharmacy (prescription isn’t required). It’s avaible in the form of pills or tablets. Creating a whitening toothpaste is a proverbial child’s play. All we need to do is pour the contents of the pills or pulverize the tablets and then add a few drops of water to that. The substance should be thick enough to be applied on the toothbrush. We can now do the two things with the created mixture:

  • brush our teeth with it as if we were using a regular toothpaste (don’t replace the toothpaste with this mixture for good though!),
  • apply it to our teeth and wait a couple of minutes.

This action needs to be repeated at least few times within a week. Does activated charcoal give desired results though?

4 July 2017

If you’re looking for a way to whiten your teeth, but the home remedies have failed you or are simply out of question for you, you can always try out the whitening strips and gels. However, if these methods won’t meet your expectations either, or if you’re looking for a professional and complex approach to your problem, you should see the dentist. They will help you achieve the best whitening results, with the overall treatment having the lowest risk of potential complications. After all, it’s conducted under the watchful eye of the specialist. The dentists reocmmend two ways of whitening your teeth at their offices. Should we try them out?