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What bacteria and fungi live in our mouths?

11 January 2018

A warm, moist environment is perfect for the bacteria and fungi. The bacterial flora within our mouths is very rich, but as long as it remains within the physiological balance, it won’t pose any danger to our life or health. What happens when this perfect state gets disrupted though? What happens when the bacterial flora’s balance gets disrupted? Even if, in case of a healthy body, the bacteria living in the mouth don’t cause any trouble, even a small disruption is enough to change everything. These bacteria can then infect your body. The situation when new microorganisms appear in your mouth even if they shouldn’t be there is also possible. The most common complications of disrupted balance of the bacterial flora are tinea, cavities and other periodontal diseases.

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21 September 2017

The dentists stress that replacing either your manual toothbrush or tips of the electric toothbrushes every 3 months is necessary. On the bristle, which enters our mouth at least twice a day, over a million bacteria and viruses can be found, entering our body regularly. Some of them can be really dangerous to us. What exactly can we find on the bristle of our toothbrush? Fecal bacteria If you’re keeping your toothbrush near your toilet or in a small bathroom, there’s a possibility that fecal bacteria will find their way onto the bristle. These bacteria can also be carried over through unwashed hands. These microbes can cause colon and stomach diseases along with poisonings. What’s even worse, there’s no way to remove them from your toothbrush.

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