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style white

STYLE’ WHITE is the best offer amongst the tooth whitening products available without prescription. The biggest advantages of this product are the visible and longlasting effects of usage. Combined with a right diet, it will allow us to restore the natural white color of our teeth fast. The gel has a pleasant mint taste and affects the surface of the tooth directly and through the enamel. Thanks to this treatment, we will be able to brighten our teeth by even 5 shades. The product is 100% natural and can be used by vegans and vegetarians (it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients).


Kup STYLE’ WHITE w sprawdzonym sklepie


The product is completely safe to the gums and enamel, while also being very effective and capable of removing discolorations and stains of various kinds. Using the product is very easy and doesn’t take much time – the whole thing resembles using nutrients or cream. The entire treatment can be done within a single day, throughout 6 sessions.


The whitening is done by applying the gel to the special tooth overlay. STYLE’ WHITE directly affects the surface of our teeth and enters them through the enamel. The elastic overlay is made out of silicone and allows us to apply the same amount of gel to all of our teeth. The overlay is connected to the LED light activator, which enhances the whitening and gel’s effects. Every application takes somewhere around 10 minutes, after this time the device will turn itself off automatically. The product makes restoring the natural color of our teeth easier, if they’re discolorated by too much wine, coffee, tea, tobacco etc.


The best effects can be achieved if the treatment is performed 406 times within 24 hours, in order to whiten the teeth in the first five shades possible. Before using the product, we should minimize the consumption of discolorating products.


The STYLE’ WHITE set contains:


style white

  • a tube of 20 ml of whitening gel, slightly mint in flavour (lasts for up to 6 applications)
  • a soft and adjusted overlay for our teeth
  • LED light with 2 batteries, which activates the whitening process by expanding the enamel’s pores
  • a color chart allowing us to keep track of our whitening progress
  • a voucher with instructions


Ingredients: glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, xylitol, carbomer, peppermint oil, carrageenan powder, potassium sorbate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, pomegranate extract, citric acid, camomile extract, cocamidopropyl betaine, CI 42053.


style white

The best set available, allowing us to undergo a fast whitening treatment at home. It’s worth noting the solid effectivity of the product and how easy to use it is. STYLE’ WHITE is safe to our health, containing only the natural ingredients.


Kup STYLE’ WHITE w sprawdzonym sklepie