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Straight teeth, aka how to choose the right dental braces

uśmiechThe orthodontist visits were usually recommended for the people with incorrect bite. In the office, the doctor would then see how bad it is and choose the correct braces which is usually considered the source of embarrassment. Times have changed though, braces became popular and both the teens and adults dream of having healthy, beautiful teeth.

We can’t make such choice alone though – the orthodontist can be recommended to us by the dentist, after diagnosing the problem and choosing the best treatment possible.

When should we visit the orthodontist?

The parents always care for their children, but sometimes they have incorrect information regarding visiting the specialists for the first time. They often think that the first visit should occur after eruption of all of the permanent teeth. This isn’t true though.

The perfect moment for our first orthodontist visit is the time when our child is 3 years old. During this visit, the doctor will check the position of dental arches and help to impose proper habits which will have a positive effect on the development of muscles and teeth in the future.

An important part of such visit is determining if a child has unlearned the habits such as sucking on their thumb, a pacifier or baby bottle, which is something the children should unlearn when they are 2 years old at most. If the child still sticks to these habits, the doctor will tell the parents about techniques they can use to help the child unlearn them. This will help correct the potential incorrect bite. In the instances when the bite is already starting to look bad, the doctor might recommend buying a special device resembling a pacifier.aparat ortodontyczny

The orthodontist will work on incorrect bite until the child is 11 – 12 years old. This stimulates the growth of the teeth, straightens and evens them out, preventing the potential health problems in the future. Having a proper bite has not only a positive effect on the appearance of our teeth, but also their health – straight, healthy teeth are rarely affected by cavities.

What kind of braces should we choose?

The dental braces are divided in two main types: removable and fixed.

Removable braces, recommended especially for the children. They are fully movable and removable. They should be worn at night and for a few hours during the day. Stimulate the teeth to grow in the right direction and under correct angle. We should keep in mind that the early treatment of small problems allows us to avoid more serious ones later.

Fixed braces are mode for older people, who already have permanent teeth. They are mounted and removed by the orthodontist. We can distinguish multiple fixed braces:


  • metal, available in silver and gold colors. The doctor can attach a rubber of a color chosen by us to it.
  • aesthetic, made in color of the teeth. Wearing braces of this type requires us to avoid consuming coloring foods and drinks, as they might leave discolorations on the rubber.
  • non-ligature, these modern dental braces are characterized by replacing the rubber with much more comfortable flaps. This type of braces heals our teeth faster, which shortens the time we need to wear it in.
  • lingual braces, which are completely invisible to the others.


Correctly adjusted dental braces and a proper care of them is the key to success and faster solving of our problem. This makes taking some time to use these so worth it, as it will help us enjoy the perfect, Hollywood-worthy smile in the end.