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Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening

A product inspired by the whitening process at the dentist’s office. Now you can conduct the same treatment at home, by irradiating the teeth with a blue light after using a special brightening gel beforehand. This newest whitening technology allows us to give our teeth the color we want and keep it for a very long time.


A treatment using Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening consists of a couple steps. First, we should prepare the mouthpiece and apply a gel to it. Then we put the mouthpiece on our teeth (which should be already brushed) and turn on the device. A single session takes 10 minutes, with the device turning itself off after this time. Thanks to such sessions, we will notice a significant difference in the color of the enamel – the treatment should end once we’ll reach the shade of white we want. The white teeth will keep their color for a very long time after such treatment, and if we’ll change our diet to the tooth friendly one (by restricting drinking red wine, strong coffee and tea), the effect will last for even longer.


The Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening set consists of:


  • a special device emitting the blue light
  • 2 mouthpieces
  • applicators with syringes containing gel
  • 2 batteries
  • instruction manual


The ingredients of the gel are the following: Propylene Glycol, Hydroxypropylcellulose, PVP, Hydrogen Peroxide.


For about 55 pounds, we obtain quite a lot. The set consists of well-produced, safe products, while the short length of the treatment will allow us to save the gel for another time afterwards. The effectivity of a product is sure, with the safety maintained (the tests didn’t show any negative effects on the health of the people who used the product). The effect and the way we whiten our teeth is similar to what we can experience at the dentist’s office, but the price is much lower. The people interested in whitening their teeth won’t be disappointed.