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Remineralization and demineralizaton – what are these?

remineralizacjaThese are two processes. The first of them – remineralization, is a process of building certain materials into the enamel. Demineralization on the other hand is the opposite process – the materials are disappearing from the enamel. The former is the most important process and it should occur as often as possible. The latter causes enamel and gum ailments, weakens them and eventually, damages as well.

There are many factors at work here, both internal and external. We can cause them ourselves, which is why the knowledge and awareness of these processes will help us get the factors we want to occur.

The right diet is the key to everything. Consuming products rich in vitamins and minerals helps remineralization. After each meal we should wash our teeth out in order to stop the development of the bacteria and reduction of pH of our mouth.

We should also remember that diseases such as anorexia or bulimia can lead to rapid reduction of minerals in our body, along with enamel damages caused by vomiting.

Oral hygiene is the most important everyday activity. We should repeat it every day, in the morning and in the evening. Brushing should last 2 minutes, with the whole procedure being possible to enhance by adding the dental floss and mouthwash to the mix. This will help us get rid of the aggressive bacteria which weaken the walls of our teeth and cause various ailments. If we’re wearing dentures or braces, we should adjust our oral hygiene to taking a proper care of these as well.

Diseases – remineralization of the enamel is greatly affected by hypothyroidism and bile reflux. We can prevent that by taking the right vitamins which enhance the bones of our teeth and jaw.

Vitamin deficiency is a very common cause of demineralization. Vitamin D, magnesium and fluorine are all prone to deficiency most of the time. The most important thing is to control it and take the right vitamins every day. The organism will absorb the required amount of these, which will surely enhance our teeth.

Age – the elderly have the biggest problems with absorbing nutrients and minerals. The teeth on the other hand require even more attention during both the daily brushing and the dentist visits.

Dental procedures such as the whitening or incorrect fillings. In case of the former, all we have to do is undergo the treatments once in a while rather than frequently, along with using various products which strengthen the enamel from the inside. The blunders made by the dentist on the other hand can only be fixed by another dentist. It’s worth investing into correct treatment, as it might lead to not only demineralization of the enamel, but also cause other serious tooth diseases.