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Regular toothbrush replacement as the basis of oral hygiene

szczoteczkiThe basis of healthy and well-kept teeth is replacing them every 2-3 months. It’s a very important procedure, as the bristle wears off with time, which makes it significantly less effective at brushing. Moreover, after all this time, the toothbrush is most likely contaminated and full of bacteria coming from our mouth and the environment, The toothbrush should be replaced sooner when we’ll notice any visible signs of wearing off or damaged bristle.

A new toothbrush

In case of illness (such as flu, throat/mouth infection or common cold), we should get rid of the current toothbrush because even after scalding it, it can still carry bacteria and microorganisms which might cause the illness to come back.

Sticking to the two month routine and replacing our toothbrush after this time is the best solution. In order to make the toothbrush last a little bit longer, we can simply pour some boiling water on the head after each brushing. This will help us get rid of the most dangerous bacteria.

But what should we do in case we own an electric one? The electric toothbrushes become more and common in our households as oral hygiene products. Despite of their structure, replacing head tips follows the exact same rules as replacing a manual toothbrush, with the maximum longevity of these being 4 months.

How to take care of your toothbrush?

szczoteczka - mycieThe most important thing is to carefully wash it with running water after every use. Scalding it is a good idea as well (it helps remove the bacteria and microorganisms). Moreover, the toothbrush should be able to dry off after every use. If we share our house with other people, we shouldn’t forget that the toothbrushes can’t touch the bristles of one another, which can be avoided by buying special casing, which will store the toothbrushes separately. This will help us avoid carrying various diseases.

During the trip, it’s worth investing into the specialized protective case for our toothbrush. This will ensure that it will remain in a sterile environment, while the bristles won’t get flattened or spread.

Taking care of our toothbrush the right way will not only help us maintain the good oral hygiene, but it will also protect us from contracting various diseases, not only of the throat, but teeth and gums as well. Additional flossing and mouthwashing will protect the enamel even more, helping us keep our teeth in good shape.