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Ranking of the whitening products

We present the ranking of the best whitening products

Teeth whitening gradually becomes cheaper and easier, plus, as it turns out, we don’t even have to visit the dentist’s office. There are many effective ways and products which allow us to achieve the pleasing, visible and longlasting effects. We’ve got many products to choose from, which differ in the way they work, price and availability.

The right choice

The choice isn’t easy, that’s why we’ve decided to test the most popular whitening methods and products available on the market. Below you can see the ranking of the best whitening products, created in cooperation with many users and dentists specializing in this topic. The factors we’ve paid most attention to were price, effectivity, the way they work, how easy they are to use and their availability. Thanks to our tests, tooth whitening will become much easier and cheaper.

The best products

Keep in mind that the products of this type might affect our health. Because of that, we recommend looking for them in the trusted stores and whitening our teeth only after consulting the specialist. Because of the high price of some of the products, purchasing them from Online retailers (even 30 – 40% cheaper than in case of the stationary stores or pharmacies) is recommended. We definitely don’t recommend buying such products at various Online auctions or shady, unverified sellers.


Below you can find the legit products, recommended by us, which ensure really effective tooth whitening.

Ranking of the whitening products

1.WhiteWash Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

A definite leader of our ranking and the best product we can get without a prescription. Whitens our teeth shockingly well, plus it’s easy to use and available for an attractive price. Amongst its contents we won’t find the hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate or other chemical compounds which can weaken our teeth. The strips are perfect at removing all types of discoloration. (more)

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Final evaluation


A professional and very effective whitening product, available for a very reasonable price. The product met with very positive opinions of the regular users and is recommended by most of the specialists. Its success was made possible by its efficiency and a low price as well. An effective tooth whitening for everybody. (more)

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Final evaluation

3.Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening

A whitening product, which resembles the professional procedures at the dentist’s office. Its effectivity and the option to adjust the tone of tooth we want are the biggest advantages of this product. A rich and shockingly efficient set, which is completely safe for our body and ensures effective whitening. (more)

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Final evaluation

4.White Pearl Whitening System

A long-term treatment which helps us visibly brighten our teeth. This product is recommended rather for the people with mild discolorations. Aside of the whitening properties, White Pearl will also strengthen our teeth, making them more resistant to the residue and ailments. (more)

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Final evaluation

5.BlanX Extra White

The tooth whitening product made for people with slight discolorations of the enamel, caused mostly by coffee and smoking. This toothpaste helps us whiten our teeth, but it’s necessary to repeat the whitening process a couple of times, while also removing certain products from our diet. Luckily, BlanX Extra White is relatively cheap and easily found at stores. (more)

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Final evaluation


A whitening toothpaste, which additionally protects the enamel from cavities and residue. The product is made for rather superficial discolorations, but it’s available at most of the pharmacies and drugstores. (more)

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7.Waterpik FLW-220E1

A portable device which helps us clean and whiten our teeth. It’s an effective alternative to the other popular products, which has already met with a gradually increasing popularity. The whitening effects may not be as visible as in case of the more traditional whitening products, but its versality does deserve some appreciation. (more)

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Final evaluation

8.WhiteWash Professional Whitening

The specialized toothpaste with cleaning, whitening and antibacterial properties. A big advantage of this product is the lack of recommended duration of the treatment – we decide which whitening tone is perfect for us. (more)

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Final evaluation

This ranking should make the tooth whitening easier. We should remember though, that there are many illegal and dangerous whitening products available on the Internet. Because of that, we should only buy these from the verified and recommended stores and distributors. The best whitening products combined with the right diet and hygienic lifestyle will help us enjoy having white teeth for a long time. How should we whiten our teeth? This question bothers many people, but the most important thing here is our safety. The whitening effects aren’t always visible right off the bat and in many cases we simply need to be patient. The carefully chosen treatments, diet and food will definitely help us achieve this goal. The most important things are systemacity and constant monitoring of the results.

The best tooth whitening methods

Before making our choice regarding whitening our teeth, there are many questions we should answer first. The nature of these questions is varied: is such procedure safe, what kind of whitening method should we choose or the actual end results. What are the two most frequently asked questions?

Is it possible to change the color of the enamel?

The color of our teeth is mostly dependant on the genetics, and nobody’s born with snow white teeth. With time, there are more and more discolorations appearing on the enamel, which additionally cause our teeth to turn yellow. The whitening procedure helps get rid of the color of our teeth which is the result of the discolorations, but it won’t change the actual, natural color of our teeth. That’s why neither the whitening at home nor the one at the dentist’s office won’t fix our congenital tooth color.

How long does the whitening effect last?

Everything depends on the chosen method and our own actions. Unfortunately, no whitening method gives us permanent effects. If we’ll decide for a professional whitening, or by using the strips or gels, we can count on our smile being white for even two years. Everything depends on what we eat during the treatment. The first few days after the procedure are most important, as this is when we should strictly stick to the white diet (avoiding coloring products such as coffee, tea, most of the fruits, some of the vegetables and all of the processed foods). It’s heavily recommended to stop smoking, preferably completely. The whitening effect can last longer if we’ll use the special toothpastes which chemically whiten our teeth or the whitening mouthwashes. The fact that our teeth will lose their white color with time is natural though – all we can do then is whiten them once again.