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Professional tooth whitening – pros and cons

Tooth whitening at the dentist’s office, performed by using the professional equipment – this kind of treatment is beocming more and more popular amongst people. Unfortunately, the price of such luxury is enough to scare many of them away. That’s why, before going to the dentist, we should take a closer look at pros and cons of such treatment and if it’s worth it in the first place.

How does the whitening at the dentist’s office look like?

During our first appointment, the dentist will check the state of our teeth and recommend the most suitable method of whitening them. Then, he will discuss the schedule of treating the possible cavities and removing the tartar with us.

Tooth whitening methods avaible at the dentist’s office

The first method avaible for us at the dentist’s is the overlay method. In case of choosing it, the dentist will make an impression, which will help him create the mold perfectly in shape of our teeth. During the next appointment, he will check if the overlays fit perfectly to the teeth (to avoid irritating the gums and mucosas by the active ingredients) and then adds the bleaching agent suitable for the patient, the carbamide and hydrogen peroxides of the right concentration being the most frequent choices. We will then need to wear the overlay for a week or two, either for a few hours during the day or overnight. The treatment can be repeated under the dentist’s supervision for a few months. Throughout the entire procedure a white diet is required.

The second tooth whitening method offered by the dentistry offices is using a lamp or laser. During the procedure, the dentist applies active substances to our teeth and then irradiates them in order to oxidate the enamel. The effects are visible right after leaving the office.

Pros of professional whitening

Amongst the advantages of the professional whitening we can find:

  • the procedure itself being supervised by a professional,
  • we can restore our teeth’s ntural color after a single visit,
  • the active substances used for the treatment are of the highest quality.

Cons of professional whitening

The disadvantages of professional whitening are mostly:

  • high price of the treatment,
  • the end result can be hard to predict at times,
  • discomfort during the procedure,
  • the possibility of irritating the gums and mucosals,
  • the teeth might become sensitive for some time.

Whitening our teeth at the professional office is still the safest way of brightening our smile. Keep in mind though that we shouldn’t hide anything from the dentist, like our sensitive teeth or bleeding gums, as they will come into play during the decision regarding which whitening method should we choose. Taking a closer look at the various ways of whitening your teeth at home is worth the shot as well.