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PerioTwist – a device for cleaning the interdental surfaces

17 November 2017

Cleaning our interdental surfaces every day is a necessity, if you are dreaming of having a white, healthy smile. You can use the irrigator, dental floss or the interdental toothbrush. A new product has appeared on the market though, called the “turbo toothpick” by its creator. What is it and is it worth checking out?

Why do the interdental surfaces need cleaning?

The interdental surfaces are very hard to reach, if you’re using a toothbrush only. The dental plaque and food remains gather in these places, leading to the forming of cavities, if they’re not removed.

Refusing to clean the interdental surfaces might lead to a dangerous disease – periodontitis. This disorder is an effect of a long-time inflammation caused by the bacterial flora residing in the dental plaque and tartar. When left untreated, it might lead to the permanent loss of teeth. The numbers are horrifying – in certain countries, over 70% of people suffer from this disease. It proves how many of us aren’t aware that the regular, 2-minute long cleaning of the interdental surfaces is enough to protect us from periodontitis.

How to clean the interdental surfaces?

The interdental surfaces need to be cleaned at least twice a day. We can use:

  • an irrigator – a device shooting out pressurized water, which removes the bacteria from places hardest to reach, it’s a safe and comfortable method,
  • a dental floss,
  • an interdental toothbrush chosen according to the size of our interdental surfaces,
  • a toothpick – this one should be a one-time cleaning method only, used from time to time.

Turbo toothpick – PerioTwist

This device was invented by dr Allan Coppersmith from the McGill School of Dentistry in Montreal, which is in strict cooperation with the Albert Einstein Medical Center from Philadelphia.

According to dr Coppersmith, PerioTwist cleans the interdental surfaces the best out of all products avaible on the market. It’s made possible thanks to the innovative head, inspired by the screw impeller. It’s made out of material safe for gums, which doesn’t irritate them, unlike the toothpicks and dental flosses.

Another advantage of PerioTwist is the option to apply various medicinal substances to it.

The innovative turbo toothpick PerioTwist is already avaible in the USA, where a package containing 5 devices costs 14 dollars.

We’re awaiting PerioTwist’s release in this part of Europe as well! We will definitely try it out to see if it’s really as good as it’s supposed to be.