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Panasonic EW-DJ40 wireless irrigator

Irygator bezprzewodowy Panasonic EW-DJ40It’s a device working as a perfect supplement of our everyday oral hygiene. Thanks to the additional program, it works well at cleaning both healthy and sensitive teeth. The irrigator carefully cleans the interdental surfaces and hard to reach places, along with improving blood circulation of gums, using the gentle massaging mode. A small size and wireless performance allows us to use it outside of our home and during the trips.

First impressions

Panasonic EW-DJ40 wireless irrigator, thanks to its small size and ergonomic structure, along with the lack of necessity to plug it into the charger all the time, can also be used as a travel irrigator. With utmost precision, it cleans our teeth and places hardest to reach by removing food particles, residue and the bacteria lingering within our mouth. The time needed for the device to charge itself up completely is 8 hours, which is significantly less than in case of the similar devices.

Aside of the rich cleaning modes, the irrigator has been designed in a way which allows it to keep as many options as possible, despite of its small size, for example, a special container for replaceable tips, allowing for a hygienical storing and transporting of these.


The irrigator works in 2 pressure modes:

  • normal, which is a strong cleaning stream reaching the power of 5,9Br
  • sensitive, which is an irrigation with the pressure of less than 3,9Br, which allows us to gently clean our mouth cavity.

Additionally, the irrigator contains a pump, with a 1500 impulses per minute frequency. The water container allows us to clean our mouth without any breaks for 40 seconds, while a durable battery lasts for 15 minutes of work in a regular cleaning mode.


  • Panasonic EW-DJ40 wireless irrigator
  • Irrigator nozzle (EW0950)
  • Charger
  • Instruction manual


The device is a perfect option for those who travel often and the people who don’t have much free space in their bathrooms. Panasonic EW-DJ40 wireless irrigator works with utmost precision and leaves the feeling of refreshment for a long time. Two cleaning modes allow for a universal use, while the durable battery and big water container (holds up to 165 ml of liquids) ensure continuous use for the entire cleaning session. An irrigator recommended for the people wearing fixed braces, bridges and implants.