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Panasonic EW-DJ10-A wireless irrigator

Irygator bezprzewodowy Panasonic EW-DJ10-AIt’s a simple to use product, recommended for those wearing braces, implants and bridges, along with those suffering from periodontitis. A small size and ergonomic structure allow us to take it with us on a longer trip, plus they solve the problem of a small bathroom, as the device fits even the smallest rooms.


First impressions

It’s a practical irrigator made mostly with people who travel a lot in mind. It’s small, collapsible and handy. Thanks to being powered by 2 AA batteries, it can be used literally anywhere, while the additional tips bundled with the device allow multiple people to share it.


The device works in two modes: NORMAL, aka an ordinary irrigation and SOFT, made for sensitive teeth. Aside of that, it’s also equipped with a water container capable of holding up to 165 ml of any liquids, including mouthwashes, which is enough for 45 second cleaning session.


The irrigator visibly strengthens our teeth and gums after only 2 weeks of usage, all thanks to its massaging function. It removes stains, residue, food particles and dental plaque. Using the correct mouthrinses allows us to remove the additonal bacteria, which might cause cavities.



  • Panasonic EW-DJ10-A wireless irrigator
  • water container
  • tip storage container
  • irrigation tip
  • 2 alkaline AA batteries


The ergonomic structure and ellipsis-shaped handle allow for a fast learning of how to use the device properly. The product is durable, wireless and consisting of only a few elements, making it perfect for any kind of trips. Its multifunctionality allows us to use a single device along with the others, including people with varying state of their teeth. Panasonic wireless irrigator has two cleaning modes and a gum massage function, which improves blood circulation and enhances the teeth.