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Panasonic EW 1211 wireless irrigator

Irygator bezprzewodowy Panasonic EW 1211A compact irrigator from the famous Panasonic brand, which, despite of its small size, is actually very strong (5,9 bar – more than in case of many stationary models). The properties of this model make it perfect for the trips or during the instances when we need to clean and refresh our mouth, for example, after a quick lunch at work. The irrigator takes up very little space, as it can be assembled and disassembled quickly. The device has been outfitted with a water container and gum massage while cleaning option.

First impressions

Panasonic EW 1211 is nicely shaped, while its small size and light weight make it easier to keep it with us all the time. The device can also be powered by a built-in or replaceable battery. Its inconspicuous size hide a lot of power and capacious container which can be filled up with 130 ml of water. The device does a good job at cleaning various types of braces and provides the correctly pressurized stream of water. The whole set is relatively cheap, with the packaging containing two extra tips. Using the irrigator shouldn’t be a problem to anyone, plus the device is pretty comfortable to hold.


The Panasonic EW 1211 wireless irrigator reaches the power of 5,9 bar and ensures conveniences such as:

  • 3 different cleaning modes and pressure settings (stream mode, a normal stream of water combined with air, gentle stream of water combined with air)
  • a 130 ml water container allowing for 30 seconds of non-stop cleaning
  • anti-slip, ergonomic handle
  • the tips with colorful rings, making it easier to distinguish them


  • Panasonic EW 1211 wireless irrigator
  • 2 PANASONIC EW0950 tips with colorful rings, making distinguishing them easier
  • inductive charger
  • the set allowing us to mount the device on the wall
  • instruction manual


Panasonic EW 1211 wireless irrigator is a very universal and handy device. It’s made for all of those who want the opportunity to clean their mouth cavity avaible to them all the time. The irrigator is small and handy, making taking it on the trip easy. It’s worth mentioning that the device is relatively cheap, but despite of that it’s not all that worse when compared to the top-notch models.