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Oral hygiene – what should we keep in mind?

higiena jamy ustnejRegular brushing of our teeth is very important when it comes to taking a good care of them every day. This allows us to remove the dental plaque and food remains. Leaving these without brushing our teeth would result in rapid development of bacteria, rotting of the food remains, bad breath and forming of cavities.

Daily brushing

It’s important to brush our teeth according to the rules made by the specialists. First and foremost, we need to choose the most suitable toothbrush. If we are having problems with sensitive teeth, the toothbrush should have soft, thick bristles. It’s worth thinking about buying an electric toothbrush one day as well – it’s more efficient and precise. Another important thing is the toothpaste. It shouldn’t be the cheapest one, but rather the one most suitable for our teeth. If we’re having troubles choosing one, we can always ask our dentist or the dental store personnel. The teeth should be brushed twice a day, two minutes each. The amount of toothpaste used during each brushing session should be small – the toothpaste is supposed to produce a small amount of foam, if there’s too much of it, it’ll make us finish brushing faster because there will be too much foam in our mouth. Knowing these basics should make the act of brushing easier and healthier.

Using mouthwashes and dental flosses

jama ustnaAside of proper brushing, thinking about some additional ways of protecting our teeth is a good idea. These include buying products such as the dental flosses and mouthwashes. Flossing our teeth allows us to remove the bacteria from interdental surfaces unreachable for a toothbrush, along with the farthest areas within our mouth. It will also help us remove all of the remaining food. Using a mouthwash on the other hand is a perfect finishing touch. This product has disinfecting and refreshing effects, it helps us remove the rest of bacteria. It also has some protective functions and breaks through the bacterial cell chains, preventing any potential cavities from forming. Using a mouthwash will also allow us to keep our breath healthy and clean, which is just as important for us as the clean enamel.

Taking care of cleanliness and health

Aside of the above tips regarding proper oral hygiene, it’s worth adding a dentist visit to the list. Thanks to the regular visits every year we will be always up to date with the state of our oral cavity. In case of the cavities forming, we will be able to prevent both them and the inflammations. This will help us keep a healthy, beautiful smile and will protect us from the potential toothache. There’s nothing worse than an aching tooth, it’s also hard to make such pain go away. All of these recommendations are avaible to anyone, for a very low price guaranteeing some high profits.