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Oral hygiene after implant installation

Implantation is a routine surgical procedure consisting of installing an implant. It takes a very short time, and after recovery we can enjoy having a beautiful, healthy smile. It’s worth following a few rules, which might help make the wounds after the surgery heal faster.

What should we do after the procedure?

In order to nullify the pain and hasten the recovery process we can use the following hints regarding taking care of the aching teeth:


  • Try not to touch the implant (neither with the tongue nor your fingers)
  • Use a cold compress within the first three hours after the procedure
  • Speak as little as possible within the first two days

implantacjaEating and drinking

During the first two days we need to be very careful while consuming our meals. First of all, we should avoid very hot and very cold food and drinks. Every food should simply be warm, preferably. We should only eat soft meals – the hard and brittle foods can damage our teeth and get into the interdental surfaces, which won’t be fully healed yet, let alone fragile. We should also reduce or completely stop smoking and drinking alcohol along with various drinks causing discolorations, such as coffee, black tea or juices. We also shouldn’t strain the side of our mouth the implant was installed in. Following these advices will help the wound heal up faster and without any pain, along with the adaptation of the implant. After 48 hours will pass, we will be able to slowly get our teeth used to our usual meals.

General tips

It’s also important to not strain ourselves in general. We should also stop any physical effort for about 4 weeks. We should also pay attention to the way we sleep – our head shouldn’t lean against the pillow on the same side as the implant, we can also sleep with our placed a little higher than the rest of our body.

Oral hygiene

Thanks to paying attention to the daily brushing we can spare ourselves the pain caused by irritating the teeth and even damaging them. The good oral hygiene is a key to success.


  • Avoid using the electric toothbrush for the time being – the manual one will be better here
  • Don’t brush the area around the implant until the stitches have been removed
  • Once the stitches get removed, gently and slowly clean the space around the implant using the specialized toothbrush with very soft bristles.

What to do when it hurts?

Once we’ll notice at least one of the alarming symptoms related to the place around the implant installation, we should contact the dentist immediately. Be careful of the following symptoms:


  • the edema which doesn’t go away even a few days after the procedure
  • bleeding from the area of implantation
  • the pain and numbness a few hours after the procedure


A fast reaction will help us solve the problem fast and professionally.