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Inflammated gums – how to treat them?

26 September 2017

Gum inflammation is often ignored. It mostly affects young people, who aren’t aware that it might cause a dangerous disease known as periodontitis. Check out the symptoms and causes of gum inflammation in order to avoid overlooking the first signs of periodontic diseases.

What causes the inflammation?

This ailment is mostly caused by the attack of bacteria. Gum inflammation occurs when too many bacteria will appear on the gum, for exmaple, becuase of the dental plaque or food remains building up in the so-called gingival pockets. These encase the teeth tightly in healthy mouths, but they do have a tendency to receed with time, increasing the possibility of inflammated gums. If it’s not cured properly, an inflammation leads to periodontal inflammations, which is the main cause of tooth loss amongst the adults. It results in gum tissue detaching from the tooth, which causes it to move and then, fall out.

Other common factors behind gum inflammation:

  • smoking cigarettes,
  • diabetes,
  • some drugs, like contraceptives or antihistamines
  • malocclusions,
  • low immunity,
  • pregnancy,
  • unskillful tartar removal, for example, by ourselves.

Symptoms of gum inflammation

Gum inflammations are hard to overlook. The first symptoms aren’t too alarming and don’t make us feel any discomfort. Amongst them we can find:

  • bleeding,
  • visibly receeding gums,
  • swollen gums,
  • pain while eating,
  • bad breath,
  • sensitive teeth.

If you’ll notice some of the aforementioned symptoms in your mouth, you should visit your dentist. You should also remember that healthy gums never bleed!

Treating inflammated gums

The treatment includes, most importantly, a complex oral hygiene, which means:

  • brushing our teeth after each meal with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste with low RDA value,
  • flossing the interdental surfaces once a day,
  • cleaning the tongue,
  • using a special mouthwash preventing gum bleeding,
  • visitting the dentist regularly, in order to remove the tartar.

Remember that cleaning your teeth as gently as possible, without applying too much pressure on them, is very important. An electronic/sonic toothbrush with a built-in pressure sensor can be very helpful with that. You should also ask your dentist about the brushing technique most suitable for you.

Recommended products:

  • Parodontax Classic toothpaste, which helps reduce gum bleeding,
  • Sebidin Plus tablets, which remove inflammations from the mouth cavity,
  • chlorhexidine gel, like PerioKin,
  • antibiotics prescribed by the dentist.

Take a good care of yourself!

If you’re struggling with inflammated gums, you should definitely stop smoking – this will make it easier for you to cure yourself. You should also reduce the simple sugars in your diet, as they’re turning your mouth into a perfect environment for various bacteria.

When left untreated, the gum inflammation might lead to a permanent loss of teeth, even. You shouldn’t underestimate its first symptoms, even if they’re not painful and easy to ignore – it might be the main factor behind how long you’ll be able to use your teeth.

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