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The product which allows us to whiten our teeth in a simple, yet professional way, allowing them to keep their bright color for a very long time. Moreover, thanks to the natural pH contained within, the product is capable of protecting the enamel from the effects of the outside factors. iBright should be used once a day, for 5-7 days (we choose the most suitable treatment based on how strong the discoloration is). At first, a single session takes 30 minutes, but near the end of the treatment this time is shortened to only 10 minutes. Thanks to the iBright, we can restore the natural white color of our teeth in a simple, fast way.


The effects of the iBright whitening kit met with a positive reception from the users. It’s completely safe to the enamel and allows us to efficiently choose the tone we want. The people with superficial discolorations will be able to achieve the desired results even after 5 days of using the product. The stronger discolorations (related to the congenital defects or a long-term bad oral hygiene) will need a little bit more time to achieve the expected results – however, as long as the product is used regularly, we will be able to enjoy having white, healthy teeth eventually.


The iBright set contains a couple of very important elements:


  • color chart
  • 5 whitening tissues containing fluoride
  • preparing spray 5 ml
  • whitening gel 15 ml
  • a silicone overlay, which fits the jaw perfectly
  • 5-watt LED lamp
  • instruction manual


iBright is a product recommended by the specialists. It allows us to say goodbye to the ugly, yellow teeth completely and for a long time. Thanks to the LED lamp we can feel like we’re at the professional office, while the color chart included in the set will help us choose the shade of white we want for our enamel. The product has been tested and recommended to everyone (except of those who suffer from periodontal diseases or are currently in the process of other dental treatments). iBright is simple to use, with the instruction manual detailing the entire process of treatment. Visiting an official website is worth it as well, as the first clients can always count on some interesting deals.