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How to take care of your oral hygiene equipment?

jak dbać o szczoteczkęIn order for our teeth to be in the best shape possible, being white, clean and healthy, getting ourselves some necessary products for their care is essential. The well-adjusted toothbrush and the right toothpaste are the key to the perfectly clean oral cavity. However,  aside of this basic step we should also add the proper care of our teeth to the list.

Taking care of our toothbrush

In order to be able to use the clean and safe toothbrush every day, taking good care of it beforehand is a very good idea.  The head should be stiff, while the bristles should remain straight and unbent. Most importantly, we should always make sure that there’s no toothpaste or food remains left on the toothbrush after brushing. It’s very important, as the unkept toothbrush is full of bacteria which might lead to thrushes, mouth ulcers and cavities.

Hygienic tips:
  • Leaving our toothbrush in a vertical position is recommended, making sure that it doesn’t touch the heads of other toothbrushes.
  • Clean your toothbrush with warm water after every use.
  • Replace the toothbrush every 3 months (if you’ll notice any signs of damaging or get ill, do so immediately).
  • In case the toothbrush gets dropped on the floor, we should wash it carefully and then scald it.
  • During the trip, the toothbrush should be carried in the separate bag or protective case.

How to clean the toothbrush cup?

The unkept cup is filled with bacteria and covered with the characteristic biofilm. It should remain clean all the time, both on the inside and on the outside. The cup can be replaced if we’ll notice cracks on its surface.

Hygienic tips:
  • Wash the cup in warm water after every use.
  • Wash your cup with a dishwashing liquid once a week.
  • When the characteristic coating appears on the surface, wash the cup carefully and then scald it with boiling water.

Hygienic use of toothpaste

Both the tube and its cap should remain clean all the time. Failing to take a good care of the oral hygiene product might lead to new and recurring diseases.

Hygienic tips:
  • Always cover the tube’s hole with the cap. This will prevent the bacteria from getting inside, along with the toothpaste not getting dried up.
  • Once/twice a week clean the cap and tube to remove all stains (the biofilm being the most common one).


The clean products are very important. Thanks to them we can not only take a good care of our teeth, but our health as a whole. The contaminated toothbrush might lead to recurring mouth ulcers. That’s why spending the additional two minutes in the bathroom in order to clean our equipment is such a good idea.