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How to take care of the toothbrush?

Owning an electronic device of any kind requires us to take a good care of them so that they can work as long and efficiently as possible. Luckily, the electric toothbrush doesn’t require that much from us – only a few simple actions done every day. This will help us use the toothbrush for many years. How to take care of our device properly?

Storing the device

przechowywanie szczoteczkiThe base of the toothbrush (the charger and handle) is relatively small and can be stored in the bathroom near the electric socket. If the base is also outfitted with a covered slot for the head tips, we can store them inside of it as well. In case of the lack of space we should find the right spot for our head tip – the best one would be the closet in the bathroom, far away from the toilet. This will prevent us from letting the bacteria onto the bristles.

Clean the head tip

Before using the device for the first time, scalding its head beforehand is a very good idea. All we have to do afterwards is washing it with the running water before and after each use. In order to achieve the fully sterile and professional conditions, we can disinfect the toothbrush by pouring some boiling water on the head tip once a month. This will leave us with no doubts regarding the quality of our toothbrushing.

Check if the head tip is wearing out regularly

The tip of the electric toothbrush wears out with time at a similar pace to the manual one – it needs to be replaced, more or less, every three months. The newest models have a built-in sensor which will change the color of the bristles depending on their state (once they turn blue, it means that the head tip is done for). The kit will mostly come with two extra head tips, so we don’t have to worry about buying them for the first 6 months. However, these are avaible at a relatively low price at the various Online stores.

Charge the battery

In order for the device to work as intended, we should remember to charge the battery regularly. The handle of the toothbrush usually has a display showing us how much battery power is left, which allows us to plug it in before it runs out of power completely. Placing the entire base near the electrical socket will allow us to have everything we need at the ready.


By following the rules listed above, we will be able to enjoy the toothbrush lasting us for a very long time (the warranty offered by the manufacturers is 1 year).