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How to maintain a white smile?

biały uśmiechThere are many reasons behind tooth discolorations. We are mostly creating the problems ourselves, by sticking to the improper diet or using supplements which strongly affect the color of enamel. Eliminating or reducing the presence of these in our everyday life will surely help us restore the natural white color of our teeth.

Taking care of our teeth properly

Brushing our teeth twice a day is a very important part of the daily oral hygiene, but if we really want to restore their natural color, we can add some more things to our daily to-do list.


  • choosing a correct toothpaste (it can be the whitening one)
  • brush your teeth after each meal
  • floss your teeth and use a mouthwash
  • replace your toothbrush every three months (the bristles will keep their natural structure that way)
  • the drinks which cause discolorations should be sucked through a straw

The enemies of white smile

The list of products leading to enamel discolorations is long. However, knowing the greatest enemies of the white teeth and introducing the changes tied to them might be the key to success in itself.


  • Fizzy drinks – contain acids which damage the surface of the teeth, which then leads to easier discolorations.
  • Beetroots – they are filled with butanone, which gives thme their characteristic, red color. Consuming meals with beetroot in them once in a while doesn’t have any negative impact on the color of our teeth.
  • Berries of various kinds – raspberries, bilberries or blueberries, all of them cause temporary discolorations.
  • Wine – the red one causes the most discolorations. These are caused by a significant amount of acids present in these liquids, after all, we all know how hard the wine stains are to wash away.
  • Tea – every type of tea has an impact on the color of our teeth. Drinking it from time to time isn’t harmful, but it’s still an extremely popular drink worldwide, causing it to be consumed by all of us multiple times a day.
  • Coffee – the black one is definitely the worst. It leaves stains on our teeth, with years of its regular consumption becoming visible on the enamel. If we find it hard to remove it from our daily diet, we can always try adding some fat milk to it – it will reduce its discoloring properties.
  • Tobacco – the most popular substance in the entire world. Smoking cigarettes causes serious and permanent yellowing of the teeth, plus it also damages our teeth (by causing periodontitis) and makes our breath smell bad. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things ever, but we will not only save our enamel, but general health as well.


The fastest way to get rid of discolorations is whitening our teeth – it doesn’t cost much, but it allows us to enjoy a beautiful smile for a very long time, as long as we’ll stick to the proper diet.