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How to have a fresh breath?

świeży oddechBad breath is the bane of most people’s existence. It’s hard to fight it at times, as the cause is not always tied directly to a bad oral hygiene. That’s why visiting a specialist should be the first step – they’ll help us get our answers. Remembering to use the devices such as the electric toothbrush is essential as well, in order to prevent the potential worsening of a problem.

Finding the cause

People are still baffled by the fact that, despite of maintaing good oral hygiene and even using the best toothbrushes, the bad breath doesn’t go away. There are few things to take into consideration: what’s our diet like? If it’s filled with garlic, onion and spice, we should think consuming them often over. It’s got a negative effect on our breath and sometimes even the toothbrush won’t be enough to get rid of it. Aside of the diet, there’s another cause, tied to our health. The bad breath might be caused by tooth and gum ailments, throat inflammation, bronchitis, sinusitis or digestive system diseases. That’s why visiting a specialist and getting examined is recommended.

Various products

świeży oddechThere are many ways to take care of our mouth properly. The most important one is brushing our teeth. We should keep in mind that our toothbrush, regardless of being either manual or electric, should be replaced every three months and used often. We can also buy the special kind of toothpaste, which will help us take a better care of our oral cavity. Another good idea is flossing our interdental surfaces and using strong mouthwashes. Aside of these classic methods, changing our diet is recommended too – drinking small amounts of mineral water often, buying refreshing, sugar-free chewing gums and adding fresh parsley to our meals. People with a very bad breath can wash their mouths out with infusion of chamomile every few hours or use mouth deodorants. Doing all of that along with visiting the specialist should solve the problem.

The right adjustment

The method we choose depends entirely on us. Doing the recommended things should be regular though, otherwise the effects will last only temporarily. However, if we’ll finally cure the potential ailment while also fighting our bad breath fast and aggressively, there’s nothing to worry about. There’s one unbreakable rule though: the manual/electric toothbrush should be used twice a day. This will allow us to keep our breath pleasant and fresh, significantly improving our mood.